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12 June 2018



Somewhat related.

I wonder sometimes if the current spate of big-deal South Bay tech companies are gaming labor in an interesting fashion. Most of them are built atop a model of selling internet advertising, and I'll bet that a minority of the employees make most of the money for the company. If you are pulling in a lot of cash, or simply don't care about profitability, perhaps there is some advantage to taking high-skills people off of the market and just parking them. They could produce products or technology with no real financial value to the company but are mostly being withheld from any competitors.

Vertical foreclosure. It seems to me that the more common model with largely the same result is to begin building the same product as your customers.

George Rebane

scenes 337pm - A very good pick-up on parking talent to make it inaccessible to your competition. That has been done with measurable benefit in areas of technology and marketing. Mostly it doesn't work for too long since the parked talent is usually smart enough to know they are being parked, and they will fly the coop as soon as they have enough money or get the appropriate offer.

Don Bessee

Everyone with a comrade Bernie bumper sticker should be required to watch a time lapse of Bernie's Socialist paradise Venezuela. Talk about killing the golden goose!


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