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29 June 2018



Democrats......the party of the future.....with young vibrant leadership who will lead this nation forward into a new era!



This hold more truth than fiction.
"“Time and time again, we find progressive laws getting struck down,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a Senate address. “And it’s always — always — the ones the Constitution is against. These right-wing judges don’t think for themselves, they just do whatever the Constitution says. And it’s time for that to end.”

Scott Obermuller

"The tyrant plays by his own rules. Power is the objective. Principles, ethics and constitutional restraints mean not a whit to the tyrant."
Manny M has a valid point, but his statement above refers to what is yet to come. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her sort are the face of what Manny is talking about now and these folk certainly are ethical and principled. They are the useful idiots and true believers. They are convinced that with the 'right sort' in power, good things will flow from a powerful central govt fairly distributing goods to deserving folks of all nations. They firmly believe in the Living Constitution and all the new and wondrous goodies and rights this magical document can deliver to the masses world-wide. They have no understanding of economics, history or human nature and will joyfully set up a govt primed for the coming of the next Stalin/Mao/Hitler. That person is the one with no thought in mind beyond acquiring full power and exercising it to no end. The newest, bright socialists coming to the front need to be made to explain exactly how it is all going to work. The press will not do this as they now have a new, self appointed mandate to cheer lead the socialists into power as a moral obligation.
Our best hope is that individual states will try out these wondrous nostrums of social justice and fail miserably in the process. The wiser heads in the Dem party are holding out for single payer at the fed level as the feds can print money. They know single payer has already failed at state level and will continue to fail at state level forever. Because they are biding their time on this issue, the young impatient types are growing restless and are able to throw out, here and there, various old line Dems. For now, this helps Trump. But the worm can turn and presidents live and die by the economy.
It all comes down to how fast can reality re-acquaint the masses to the fact that water runs down hill and there is no free lunch against the ever increasing number of mush brained proles the schools crank out that firmly believe that govt can be the well-spring of all goods and services.

Scott Obermuller

Walt - Yikes!!!
"We’re sick and tired of the Constitution sitting in the National Archives, manipulating everything we do,” stated Senator Cory Booker, trying to emote for the cameras but failing. Booker then called a ten-minute recess for him to refresh his supply of fake tears before he could continue."
It's worse than I had thought. They are now openly admitting to hating the Constitution.
Wasn't there some sort of oath Booker took as he assumed his office?
Apparently it was all just blah-blah to him.
Oh, I know - the left will chime in claiming Booker answers to a 'higher power'.
So - the left wants a theocracy after all.


,,,are conservatives hypocrites???
Merrick Garland was nominated in March 2016 and the pubbers claimed the nominations needed to be made after the November election.
,,,Justice Kennedy is retiring much closer to the upcoming election.
,,,how will the pubbers play it???


Still behind the curve Capt. Clueless?
Forget Trump ISN'T up for election? And Proggys are destined to lose more seats. It's Fri. Change those Depends.

Todd Juvinall

"M" 624

You really are a dumbass and thanks for proving it again. Garland was nominated in a Presidential year not an off year. Gey it? Probably not.

Scott Obermuller

Yes - it was the Dems that thought there shouldn't be a SCOTUS pick by the pres in an election cycle for POTUS.
That's fact and history. Sorry, M - you lose.
Because the POTUS selects the POTUS.
Just in case you weren't aware.

Todd Juvinall

Scott was that the "Biden Rule"? I think so.

Bill Tozer

You can play that it’s not fair game till the cows come home. What exactly is it about ‘go pound sand’ that you can’t wrap your head around?

Progressive/Marist ideals cannot co-exist nor cohabitat with the US Constitution.. Impossible. Marx himself railed against the ideals and values contained in the Declaration of Independence. The ONLY thing stopping your Progressive Movement is the US Constitution. Ever wonder why just three years ago we on the right were slighted here for, “Here they go again, quoting the Constitution (with rolled eyes and derision). The Lefty taking heads and Dem collaborators were all saying, “I am sick and tired of THOSE people quoting the Constitution.” Tea bagging tea baggers. And you called us terrorists.
Ok, whose laughing now, ass hat? Time to run your dinner through the blender, on puree setting, of course.

It’s not fair??? What, is that lying sack of dog dirt Chucky the Clown Boner going to huff and puff and blow this nation down? What, are the tyrants going to get all red in the face and make threatening noise? You socialist thugs are hell bent on destroying this country. You have been neutered.
You have been ensnared by the trap you laid four for us. Everything you do blows up in your hands. Every time you dig for dirt on us, you end up exposing your crimes, lol. Cry me a river. Time to take back America from the anti-American crowd.


Scott Obermuller

Todd - we all know so. Old Shotgun Joe is the gift that just keeps giving.
"the pubbers claimed..."
No - it was the Rs that reminded us of the Dems 'claiming'.
You losers are so stupid.


I sure miss "Mzzz jon",, she would get all hissy about this time.
And now she's missing out on all our fun.At her expense.
She still a political prisoner? That's the second lefty of our to get tossed in the hole and never to return.(that I know of) Can't stand the shame? But what you did to get hauled off in the first place seemed like a good idea at the time.
Yes I miss doing the nightly feeding,, with a slingshot..
Come on back Mzzz. "jon",, Take your medicine. It can only sting for a while.
You can use one of Dougy's old AKAs.. "Lavender". It's LIB appropriate. He won't mind.

Bill Tozer

Don’t forget Mr. Dozer. Bet he still hangs out at that pizza joint in Nevada City, the New Republic or whatever it’s called. One of these days Mr. Dozer, jon smith, and Bobbie will have to hop in the back of the jalopy and I will drive them over to Ambassor Stevens resting place and make sure they pay their proper respects.



Do you understand that there is no duty under the Constitution for the Senate to consider a President's nominee to the SCOTUS? This was settled under His Accidency, President John Tyler, whose Senate (also Whig) held him in such low regard that they refused his candidates for nearly two years while waiting for his replacement.

Don't be coy... even you understand the Biden/McConnell rule involves SCOTUS nominations during a Presidential primary season, especially when the sitting Prez is a lamè duck (very sic).

The Schumer rule, uttered more than a year and a half before GW Bush's 2nd term was over, was closer to what Tyler faced 'cept GW didn't have a vacancy to fill.


Let's also recall that it was literally Joe Biden's Senate Judiciary Committee (Smilin' Joe was the chair) that started the hyperpartisan judicial sieve going when they chose to bork Bork rather than give him a fair and unbiased hearing. That's where it all started... and the justice Reagan was given as a consolation prize was ... Kennedy.

It started with the Borking. When will it stop?


,,,No spidey hole for conservatives,,,

Swamp creature Pruitt to aides, '''Find my wife a job!'''

That's what the taxpayers pay you for!


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