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24 June 2018


Russ Steele

As I posted in a previous comment, people leaving the urban blight of coastal cities to seek more security and new opportunities are not coming to Nevada County, they are choosing other Sierra Counties, Placer and El Dorado were mentioned in the study I reference, and Central Valley communities even Sacramento. Three years ago Joel Kotkin at an ERC sponsored event explained what it would take to attract those leaving urban areas for Nevada County and little if anything has been done to create the housing and the required broadband. Many would be bring their jobs with them if they could find affordable housing suitable for young families and broadband access suitable for remote commerce. The Linden Ave development was a move in the right direction and the opposition was immediate. No longer on the Transportation Commission I do not have insight into development activities in the County. If I am misinformed perhaps readers can set the recorded straight. Who actions have the County and Cites take to implement the strategies that Joel Kotkin presented to the community.

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