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27 June 2018



,,,just sold his hotel too,,,all that money and no time to spend it
,,,heard he liked to gamble
,,,maybe he keeled over when he realized he had just gambled it all away???
,,,he died enjoying what he liked to do

Don Bessee

Well at least whatever @1126 is it is consistent. Consistently bad and wrong headed.

Todd Juvinall

Goodbye Tom! You were always a supporter of mine when I was running for office. And I enjoyed your bar even when Cottrell was the tender (LOL). You were there for many people and the community and I will miss your ready smile and that gray mop on your head. Adios my friend.

As for "M" at 11:26. What a ass.

Russ Steele

The Union announcement of Tom's death quotes George, I wonder if they read this blog and used it as the source?

George Rebane

RussS 101pm - Yes, they subscribe to the RR feed. They contacted me within literally a minute after I posted the news. We have been long time friends of both Ernie and Tom, and it was Ernie who called me with the sad report this morning.

rl crabb

That hotel kept him going all these years. When he relinquished the reins it was just a matter of time. Glad to hear he was enjoying himself to the end.

Bill Tozer

My condolences to Mr. Coleman, his family, and his long time friends like George Rebane. That loss cannot be replaced or easily filled asmany, like Dr. Rebane, have sorrow today. My thoughts are with you all.

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