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19 July 2018


Todd Juvinall

I think Dickens debated this in Scrooge. Anyway the econuts have supplied that number somewhere out there. I have seen it. They call it "carrying capacity" of the land and country and planet. I used to debate parts of this when the Sierra Club came out against illegal immigration a few years ago. They said these illegals could care less about "zoning" and all the things we write in our General Plans. Of course as soon as they were called racists they withdrew their opinions on immigration. Anyway, if one wants to see what happens to a country simply travel south to Mexico. The place is a trashed up, littered mess. Amd squalor is everywhere. But they have a huge birth rate and will soon have 200 million. All in need of food and shelter and water.



re: The Sierra Club and immigration, one of many articles....


Obviously, any economic model that is based on continuously increasing population is ridiculous. No matter what the doubling rate, the result eventually is the same. The notion of importing people to support old age pension plans and the like is absurd, no one ever asks who is going to pay for the new group when they, in turn, age.

Yet another posting of the most important chart in the world.


You can build the wall now, or you can build it later. Later implies more blood and treasure expended.

I think the perfect storm is starting up now not just due to population pressure, but also because of the increasing wealth disparity between first and third world (plus the internet's ability to broadcast how much nicer it is in someone else's country).

I've always liked pictures of the Spanish border in Africa.

That's the future of the world in a nutshell.


,,,Re: Ashkenazi Jew IQ - nature or nurture?



Scottish IQ... nature or nurture?

"SCOTLAND is the least intelligent part of the UK and performs poorly on average IQ against most of Europe, an academic has claimed. Professor Richard Lynn said the Scots average IQ of 97 was well below the England and Wales average of 100.5 and on a par with the Republic of Ireland. London and the south-east of England scored top in the UK, with an average IQ of 102."

Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland-lags-europe-in-iq-league-1-487587


Go ahead you smug proggie assholes.....tell how us how it’s all the fault of the United States. That if we were not so racist and would only take the time to clothe, feed, and educate the third world that things there would improve!


Todd Juvinall

If the politicians would stop raiding the SSN money and left it too 2% a year increase there would be plenty of money forever. But they can't resist in spending it so they need to import workers to pay into the pot. Why self control about that is missing should be the reason not one bastard that votes for it will get re-elected. But they do.

"M" and his depends will be a costly thing soon.


Population is the key to everything. Without some kind of slowdown on birthing the planet will eventually become unsustainable. It is widely accepted theory that if China alone were to consume natural resources at the same rate as Americans, there would be none for anyone else. Enter religious and cultural beliefs that demonize birth control methods and/or support large families. Mix the two together and you have a virtually impossible situation to solve using current thinking and political/economic structure.

Todd Juvinall

Do you have kids?


Todd 313pm, sorry, there is no pot of money taken from paychecks being watered and allowed to grow. Social Security has always been a pay as you go system with current payouts coming from current workers.

It's a checking account with deposits by the young and withdrawals from the old and the disabled, some of which are disabled from voluntary behaviors like opioid abuse but that's small compared to the old farts getting checks.

It is a Ponzi scheme and so getting more young immigrants paying into the system is what some are reaching for, but eventually, it will run out of other people's money. A means test for benefits may be the only way to forestall a collapse.

Regarding world population, never underestimate influenza's ability to kill billions in a short time. If not that virus, there will be another, eventually, and we will adapt to it.


,,, AOTS concludes " IQ rates correlate fairly well with income. America’s Jewish population, with the highest median income, also has the highest IQ, followed by Asians, then whites, Hispanics, and blacks."

,,,Aristocrat of the Soul and Patriot Post are right winger sources. Any particular reason for the bias, or is it merely some sort of a Ford/Chevy thing?


Todd Juvinall

IQ? "M" is so dumb he/she can't remember its name. Must be with Linda in the clink.


Re: Population Control - Kill old white people! Lowers the population, moves their stash of cash back into the system, and ends racism!!!



,,,oh great,,, I am living rent free in Todd's head. He is chasing me across the streams.

Thanks for playing!!!


Posted by: "M" | 19 July 2018 at 03:46 PM

Nothing stopping you from jumping first dugski! Let me know when you plan to leap off the Foresthill bridge .....I’ll be there with bells on!


thatt: " Mix the two together and you have a virtually impossible situation to solve"

I can't say that population overrun has ever been 'solved', although the Chinese might be well on their way to being the first.

As Gregory mentioned, something like influenza is a remarkably strong form of population control, although the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation appears to be doing their best to make sure there are plenty of people to produce more people.

I can't imagine that any outside influence will make a lick of difference in population growth rates so, for our country and others in the same situation, the great problem of the age is how to avoid getting caught in the maelstrom. Whether Europe can toughen up in time remains to be seen.


,,,lol,,,your time will come Trump Youth


Posted by: "M" | 19 July 2018 at 04:11 PM

Really.....how you going to make that happen Mr. Poopy Diapers?

Bill Tozer

There are some great population reduction lessons to learn from the not so distant past. There was a guy in Southeast Asia. A gentle man. Spoke like Bernie. He went to France and became enraptured with Marx, Engels, and communism. He went back to his home country and gave speeches exactly Bernie would today. He da man.

His followers began by chasing people they disliked out of restaurants and harassing those folks wherever they went. Then da Man passed out Red handkerchiefs and guns to 13 and 14 year olds. He hated the middle class and went after them...with his 13 and 14 year old gangs of “children”, hunting and chasing down folks of a different world view or economic status (middle class). They went after the school teachers. Next, they went after all those who wore glasses, those who read books, those who owned books, Then the doctors and lawyers, civil service workers, religious leaders...in their drive to engineer a classless communism. The middle class was gutted and sent off to labor camps to grow rice or simply disappeared in the killing fields. His name was Pol Pot and the children were known as the the Khmer Rouge regime. 2 million people were murdered, died of starvation or died of exhaustion from being overworked in labor camps without food. Viola! How many people do we really need. Pol Pot’s idea saved us from 2 million people. Sweet.
Pol Pot was Cambodia’s Bernie before he moved to the next logical step. David Hogg’s rhetoric reminds me of the kids with red handkerchiefs, aka, the Red Karmas. Let’s drop the voting age to 16! Listen to them, do as they say. The children are good foot So.diets. Ban guns. Hmm. Reminds me of Ms. Cortez, the savior and face of the new Democrat Party. And those black shirts and the Khmer Rouge wore remind me a lot of Antifa.

Liberalism, Progressivism Socialism, Kevin de Loren, Cortez, Cindy Nixon, all lead eventually to a Solution to the too many people problem. Too many folks with the wrong ideas, that is. They all smell the same to me...especially Antifa and OWS.

“These were self-described anarchists who formed their own group,” said one U.S. law enforcement official. “During the investigation, several of them repeatedly complained that the Occupy movement was too peaceful and would not endorse their violent activities.”



I didn't mention mass starvation... there was a Summer that went missing during the last grand solar minimum... imagine the mouths that would go unfed were both the Summer and Winter wheat harvests to fail, along with every other crop grown.

How many people do we need? I have everyone I need at the moment and no desire to host more on my little plot of land.


,,,Trump Youth,,,it is called aging,,, you don’t think you will make it to Medicare???

Todd Juvinall

No "M" I am living rent free in your head. And you just can't handle my superiority over you. Hell you can't even tell us your real name. Just a poopy pants liberal buffoon are you.


Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 19 July 2018 at 04:42 PM

Actually dugski I’m counting on Medicare going tits up long before I need it! You’re what 73? 10 bucks says it craps out in the middle of your next colonoscopy.

Scott Obermuller

M at 3:46 - "Re: Population Control - Kill old white people! Lowers the population, moves their stash of cash back into the system, and ends racism!!!"
Kill old white people? Go ahead and try, punk. You'll have to hitch up your diapers first. Us old white people hang onto the 2nd A for a reason.
Moves their stash of cash back into the system? We don't have our money in our mattress, idiot. It's already in the system - investing in companies and employing people. And when I die, my white kids and grandkids get the moolah.
End racism? Only after you get rid of the Democrats, Everyone left of the Dems, Nation Of Islam and Mad Maxine, etal.
But thanks for showing us your true colors, M!

Bill Tozer

Rebane doctrine: Africa, India, and So America will fail, and will resort to out migration for a short-term solution. China is on the cusp and will go to war if it fails economically, a war for which it is already preparing in its ‘near abroad’. Russia’s demographics foretell it will succumb to Islam.

From Scenes 2:47pm

In the summer, 1993, issue of Foreign Affairs, Samuel P. Huntington, of Harvard's Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, published a thought-provoking article called "The Clash of Civilizations?" The world, he argues, has been moving during the course of this century from nation-state conflict to ideological conflict to, finally, cultural conflict. I would add that as refugee flows increase and as peasants continue migrating to cities around the world—turning them into sprawling villages—national borders will mean less, even as more power will fall into the hands of less educated, less sophisticated groups. In the eyes of these uneducated but newly empowered millions, the real borders are the most tangible and intractable ones: those of culture and tribe. Huntington writes, "First, differences among civilizations are not only real; they are basic,"


We live in a chaotic universe, and I am betting we will have a terrestrial or space-based disaster that will make the population problem mute for a long time. We are living on the cusp of another supervolcano eruption that will kill several hundred million, first from the blast and then from the crop losses and inability to feed the population. A grand minimum will severely impact the planet able to supply the current population, reducing it by several billion. It is not unthinkable that would soon follow the dinosaurs who were eliminated by a giant rock falling out of the sky, creating a winter that lasted years destroyed the food source for most of the living things on the planet. Only the burying creatures that could eat the fallen survived. That is only three of the possibilities, without considering the plagues that could sweep across the planet before we can craft an antidote. A disease that rained down on the earth from space. We have been living in a chaotic null and sh*t is about to happen, well within the next 100 years.

George Rebane

Given enough power the Left always has acted with summary violence against their opponents. Here we see M's 346pm sentiments seeping out to corroborate this. They always have the dagger hidden behind their back, and sometimes they let you catch a glimpse of it. Mr Tozer's 423pm expands on this.

Scott Obermuller

Ultimately, nature will have it's way. I really love those folks that think it's man-made environs vs 'nature'. It's ALL nature. Primeval forests, vast open deserts, and down town Manhattan. Nature runs the whole show, kids. Same rules, same pressures and same outcomes. Run the population of a certain specie beyond its carrying capacity and stuff starts to go sideways. Oh yeah, sure - we're sooooo special because we can do cool stuff with tech and all but we run up against the same wall in the end. The wall is a lot closer for some and a lot further away for others. We can try to go off into space and we can dig a hole in the ground but for the most of us it's play by the rules and accept the consequences. In the mean time, we should back the program proven to be the best at a peaceful and orderly lifting of the most number of humans into a fairly stable and prosperous life. Sorry if it's run by old white guys, but that's the way it goes. Get pissy and try to blow it up if it makes you feel better, but you're not helping human-kind in the process.

Don Bessee

Of course they were and are -

So, let's add all this up.
Democrats want to neuter the one agency responsible for enforcing border security. They want to make it easy for illegals who cross to stay in the country. And they want to give them the right to vote.
Leading Democrats also adamantly oppose building a secure border wall. They support "sanctuary cities" that actively protect illegals from deportation. And they want to grant every illegal in the country amnesty.
And we're supposed to believe that Democrats aren't for open borders simply because they say so?
As we noted in this space a few days ago, the Democratic Party has been driving to the far left on a wide range of issues for many years. The only difference now is that its veneer of moderation has eroded to the point where Democrats can't hide their extremism any longer.




George 536,,,Bwahahaha!!!



Posted by: "M" | 20 July 2018 at 07:40 AM

Take the Hefty bag off your head and get a little air dugski!



from the OP:

"Before you blow that question off with hip-level answers like ‘we need more people to work and grow the economy’ "

I think it's a mistake to view this in economic terms, I think there's something else afoot.

The rise in xenophilia really is the story of the century, at least in the West (it isn't like anyone in China, Middle East, or Africa suffers from it), but I've never been particularly satisfied by any explanations. You can certainly see the value in varying degrees of xenophobia, from a purely genetic standpoint if anything, and I appreciate the idea of being neutral on the matter, but eagerly reaching out for population replacement is an odd thing.

People will dance around the matter...
...but it usually ends up being a description with no real search for causalities.

One factor I've seen put forth is the drop in testosterone levels (a pretty remarkable one) in Western countries. With a bit of hand waving you can explain away the handing over of a country to foreigners by a combination of less aggressive males and women welcoming healthy young men, but progressives are too religious in their beliefs for me to think that that is a full explanation.

It's rather funny to think that the defining philosophy of the Left in most of the West is some variant of open borders, rather than the environment/health care/unions/education/etc., but there you have it.

I'd love to hear a good explanation. Perhaps one of our Green Libertarians can explain why mass movement of foreign peoples is a good thing in believable terms.


,,,IQ is proportional to income,,,get smart, kill the poor!!!

,,,makes you wonder what the alt-right fundamentalists have against Roe v. Wade!!!

George Rebane

M 849am - Given the record of your participation in these comment streams (current one included), I would find it extremely interesting and rewarding to discover your educational and familial background. I think it might form a very useful Bayesian prior for any algorithmic decision rule for assessing a number of character traits in people.


M, just because your team are all idiots doesn't mean we want you dead. L


Posted by: L | 20 July 2018 at 09:33 AM

M, just because your team are all idiots doesn't mean we want you dead. L

Hey....let’s not paint with too broad a brush here!

Todd Juvinall

"M"'s existence was a mistake. His momma was at Planned Parenthood to abort him and changed her mind. He is lucky to be here. But reading his screeds makes me wonder if his momma was a drunkard or on meth. His IQ is truly very low. Almost as low as the recently released Scottish numbers.

If there is a bloodthirsty group it certainly is not the right. We have fought the eugenics of the democrats since R v W and have been defeated at every turn. Millions of "people of color" babies were aborted and tossed into the trash by "M"'s heroes. Remember these are the same people that said the "Yew Tree" should be saved since a cure for cancer might come from its DNA. But all those babies that could have achieved the same thing if allowed to live was squandered by these leftwing lovelies.


GR 931am

From my experience in local blogs, starting at The Union a decade ago and an nccn listserv before that, "M" is a Douglas Keachie sock puppet. Keachie has a 1960's BA in Touchyfeelings from UC Berkeley. He resents his older brother, BS Electrical Engineering Stanford, for not doing enough with his good life (and I suspect there's something of a Tommy Smothers' "Momma liked you best!" in his angst).

He is a proud Scotsman who wasn't born there.

His modus operandi is to throw poop at blogs that don't delete his postings and delight at how they splatter.


He is a proud Scotsman who wasn't born there.

His modus operandi is to throw poop at blogs that don't delete his postings and delight at how they splatt

Flinging poop ......a recurring theme surrounding dugski.....Who thought that the same people who gave us Maxwell would give us the Keach!



Don Bessee

What they really want from the same people who advocate for open boarders -

1. That no responsible family should have more than two children. Any family wanting to care for more than two children should adopt further children. Adopting children does not increase the population.
2. All methods of birth control, including legalized abortion, should be freely available—and at no cost in poverty cases.
3. Irresponsible people who have more than two children should be taxed to the hilt for the privilege of irresponsible breeding….




Posted by: Don Bessee | 20 July 2018 at 10:43 AM

Doesn’t it usually turn out that guys like this, in addition to their own “proper” number of children, have 1 or 3 bastards running around untaxed?!


Oh well, it's just one of those things.

The Causal Effect of Intergroup Contact on Exclusionary Attitudes

George Rebane

scenes 349pm - Their findings are almost tautological, but I guess it has to be proven now and again. The real point of interest will again be how many of our sensitive and inclusionary progressives will ever see a report of this in the media they usually consume. And the humorous aftermath will be their usually strong assertion that they are well-read and keep up with what's happening.


,,,youse guys are a fun group!!!

As seen peeking out of the sand over in the sandbox, a little glimmer of gold,,,more lower income types are leaving Kali than upper and middle income types

,,,since IQ is proportional to income, the collective IQ of Kial is rising!!!WooHoo!!!

Don Bessee

From the abort Americans, open the boarder 0 -

After the speech calling for rich people to get smaller houses, Obama traveled back to America and to his $8.1 million eight-bedroom, nine-and-a-half bathroom mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world.



Don Bessee

Ya sure, all those billionaire central Americans crossing the boarders. LOL ;-)

George Rebane

Well now, here's a proposed solution for population problems from the command and control Left. It appears that for some people (aka progressives) the government gun is always the final solution to most problems.

For those who care - 'border' is a demarcation boundary between two countries; 'boarder' is a person who rents his room and board.

Don Bessee

Fauxcahantas had to double down on the commies claim, wouldn't want to let her to more to the left don't ya know!



Scott Obermuller

M at 5:05 - "more lower income types are leaving Kali than upper and middle income types" Well, they're smart enough to leave!
And one of the most expensive cities in the world (frisco) has human feces all over the place. Must be run by Mensa!
And M's face. Again.

Scott Obermuller

Don 6:13 - I called that claim by OC as bogus and now Warren has decided to dive into the merde herself! You just can't fix stupid.
Let me get this straight - there's low unemployment because desperate citizens work too many jobs and suck up all the openings so there's way too many people who can't find work - hence - low unemployment!

Scott Obermuller

That population growth control group is the shits:
"CASSE supports zero population growth. Executive board member Herman Daly has pushed for reproduction licenses. This bureaucratic control over birth would allow women to have only two children unless they buy the license for more children — from other women. Daly called this program the "best plan yet offered" to limit population growth."
Now - where are all these weenies that are screeching about govt control over "women's reproductive rights"?
You guessed it - hiding behind a woman's skirt.

Don Bessee

No one is going to need illegals anymore. Their money sucking machine of lawyers and non-profs will go out of business too. win win? -





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