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09 July 2018



,,,the confused vs. the mean and nasty trumpskiites,,,


George Rebane

M 1124am - "...mean and nasty trumpskiites"?? For those of us not able to follow the subtleties of the SacBee article, what has that story to do with this blog post?


"M" apparently thinks it's Trumpers (assumed white) who did the beating of the poor old guy. The person being sought for the assault on the elderly hispanic man is black and while there are more black Trumpers out there than some anti-Trumpers want to believe, M was obviously expecting anyone that told an old hispanic man to 'go back to his own country' would be white.

GR, the comment at 1124am is obviously by one of the confused.

I find the ancient hippie, Ron Lowe, to be admirable, not for the scattered and often incoherent thoughts he gladly inflicts on us all but for his courage to get up and out of bed, using his walker to get around, slowly, up and down the streets of downtown Nevada City, always in a brightly tie-dyed shirt. Cheers.


,the confused vs. the mean and nasty trumpskiites,,,

Well I'm glad you recognize what you're dealing with you poor sodden diaper wearing nitwit!

But to reiterate what Gregory mentioned....the primary attacker was a black woman living in South Central....a Trump supporter?

You really are more confused than usual!

Todd Juvinall

M is going back and forth from here to my blog spewing his misinformation. I think Mr. Frank is talking about M and his goofball pals. I see their idiot leaders on TV spewing so many fibs it makes me wonder if they are all mentally ill. Looks like that might be so. And they can vote! OMG!


"I find the ancient hippie, Ron Lowe, to be admirable,"

There's something to be said for being a toddling sort of art form. He's such a non-serious thinker, you can't even get mad.

Sometimes I even wish that the Russian ties were true. They're a small, non-expansionist country these days. A bit larger than Germany in terms of population with a much smaller GDP, but with a genuinely interesting culture. A good source of academics and writers, guardians of what is left of the Roman Empire, exotic architecture, good on 'em.

I always love the messianic letters, it saves you the trouble of believing that people can have their minds changed. It would be fun to grind through the details of healthcare, gun control (especially as they get better), the details of environmental law, but once the Trumphate hands start flapping, just stand back and watch the show.

Having no strong ties to the state, I think you can make a strong case for encouraging immigration to California by all the crazy people, the homeless, the illegals. I'd miss the beach, but having the equivalent of a big honkin' reservation made up of Google engineers, Mexican nationals, and the Berkeley deranged would be both healthier for the rest of the country and fun to watch.

Todd Juvinall

Lowe uses lefty democrat talking points in every screed he does. I usually try to smash his bogus arguments, but to his credit, he comes back for more.


Todd... since you recycle tidy-righty talking points in most every screed you share, you have a lot in common with Mr. Lowe.

Todd Juvinall

No Gregory, I don't do that. You do that. Projecting?


Speaking of the Corner of the Confused.


At this point, the person hasn't been chosen yet.


LOL!!!! Good job "M",, Feel like the idiot dipshit you made yourself out to be?


Todd, 407pm

A simplistic variation of "I know you are, but what am I?".

Juvenile, but perhaps that's to be expected.


re: M's newsflash about the 92 year old.

"They tell FOX 11 the other assailants who jumped in are three black men between the ages of 20-30."

Now, this brings up a problem. If you are Mr. M, should the story now become that the old guy attacked some innocent brick holding people with his face?


In just over half an hour, LIBS will collectively go nuts.
Talking points? Check.
Insults? Check.
Reasons why NOT! Check
threats of impeachment. Check
why person is unqualified. Check
Trump can't because it's an election year. Check.
Children will DIE!!!!! Check.(oh... wait)

Scott Obermuller

The fact that none of the horrors predicted by the hate-Trumpians has come to pass seems to have no effect on their ability to process information. Fresh outrage springs like water from an artesian spring. Compounding the trouble for these sad souls is the fact that Trump is still POTUS long after the haters declared he would be history. Being so wrong about his longevity in the saddle just rubs salt into the wound of being wrong about his election victory. The Dems and the left have very little or no ability to admit to making mistakes. They are, after all, highly intelligent and much, much more moral than everyone else. The problem must lie some where else. THE RUSSIANS!!!!! That's it! The Russians. The trouble with that scenario is simply trying to find one single person who was planning to vote for Ms Clinton until the Rooskie mind control operation went into high gear and caused a 180 in their vote. Not one single person I've talked to that believes the Russians had a significant effect on the election thinks that the Russians had any effect on their vote. It's hard to imagine an election with 2 of the most diametrically separated candidates. On every major hot button issue, they were at polar extremes. The idea that anybody or any group in Russian had any actual effect on the outcome of the election is just laughable. If some one wants to point to a group of people responsible for Trump's win, let's at least take a look at the effect of the MSM in constantly declaring the election a landslide for Hillary long before the election. Even Hillary herself deserves credit for Trump's upset. Her own people have said she was over confident and refused to spend resources in states she felt (wrongly) were hers by default.
So - the insanity continues and it will forever. Expect letters to the editor re the evil Trump and his many sins until the end of time. The next SCOTUS pick will indeed usher in the storm troopers, concentration camps, the end of democracy, the end of the world and even worse - Roe v Wade being overturned. The fact that folks in California are worried about this just shows how stupid they are. The Dems controlling the legislature will pass a law outlawing abortion on demand? Gavin Newsom will sign a bill outlawing abortion? How brain dead do you have to be to be a lefty these days?

Scott Obermuller

Walt at 5:24 - they already all died due to the tax cuts. Remember?


See? I can be wrong. Thanks for getting me on the right page.


he's wearing a BLUE TIE!!!!!! He will nominate a LIB!!!

Todd Juvinall

Gregory | 09 July 2018 at 05:10 PM

Resort to mashing my name. How childish. I expct more from you but Oh well.

Todd Juvinall

Coach Kavanaugh is the pick. Nice family great parents very accomplished Justice. Let the games begin!

Scott Obermuller

Brett Kavanaugh!!!!?? We're all gonna die!!!!
Wait - actually we're fine.
Let the shit show begin.

Robert Cross

Todd 1:45-- "I see their idiot leaders on TV spewing so many fibs it makes me wonder if they are all mentally ill." What about the fact that trump has lied over 3,000 times since taking office, as documented by unbiased fact checkers? Is trump mentally ill as well? Many psychologists and psychiatrists say yes. What about you, is trump mentally ill like the 'idiot leaders'?

Scenes 1:46-- "Sometimes I even wish that the Russian ties were true." What makes you think they aren't, because trump says so, because that sort of thing just doesn't happen in America? Think again!

Scott Obermuller

Already started. from DK:
"Even if he is confirmed people need to know what a shithole he is and will be." Because? Hmm... Doesn't seem to be any backup.
"Irrelevant. Kavanaugh could say on open hearings that there is nothing legally wrong with Trump murdering and eating infants and every single Republican monster would vote to confirm." Yeah - that will probably come up. The part about killing infants, I mean. But, not like you said.
"And he's already at the murdering part." Really? Wow - could you maybe expand that a bit?
"But the elected rethuglicans would only vote that way because 80% of the rethuglican base would love tRump even better if he ate a Hispanic baby on stage."
I suppose it would depend on how the baby was presented on the plate. Foodies are all about presentation.
See? Over the edge. I'm trying to think of how much farther the lunatic left can go with their insanity. C'mon Crabb - are you going to tell me there's not a political cartoon just waiting to be inked? This is just a high lobbed soft ball arc waiting to be smacked outa the park.

Robert Cross

Gregory 5:10. -- We. have some common ground. Those who attempt to create conversation are continually met with similar responses from dear old Toddy.

Scott Obermuller

Our little corner... same as the whole rest of the world. Just take a gander at the reactions to the latest SCOTUS pick.
"The end of our Democracy" Uh, really? Why? Maybe Booby Cross-man can clue us in. How about our intrepid local-yokel newsman Sir Emery?
They're pretty handy at name calling. Can they muster the facts to back up our demise due to the latest SCOTUS pick? Waiting.


LOL Bobby,, Back to the lie count again? Same one Paul spewed with?
LIBS lie... That's what they do. So with LIB logic, that makes him one of you. And a high ranking member.(by LIB standards)
That makes you, attacking one of your superiors. That goes against LIB law. You do know the penalty for that is seppuku.. The cheap Ginsu knife will have to do.
You have seen what happens when you "cross" your hierarchy. They get suicided.
Your choice. Make it a wise one for once in your life.


"What about the fact that trump has lied over 3,000 times since taking office, as documented by unbiased fact checkers?"

-bobby 648pm

Except, bobby, there ain't no such thing as an unbiased "fact checker".

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 09 July 2018 at 06:55 PM

But Gregory is much smarter than you and you need to bow down and accept your smallness.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 09 July 2018 at 06:48 PM

Trum is a salesman BoobieC. Of course, he exaggerates. That is what we like about him. No malice in him like you liberals. Hell I bet those Aztecs who cut out the living hearts of their captives were liberals.


"Hell I bet those Aztecs who cut out the living hearts of their captives were liberals."


No Todd, they were religious fundamentalist landowners and developers.

Robert Cross

Gregory 7:23 -- Yes, in purely scientific terms the act of observation alone skews the results and no one is without bias, except for Todd. However, one must draw a line somewhere as a baseline from which to judge and evaluate events and statements. So in that regard, multiple people trying to be as objective as possible have determined that donald trump is a lying sack of shjit. Of that there is no other reasonable conclusion.

Todd: 7:28 -- yes Todd he is.. a snake oil salesman and conman of the first order. Oh and since you brought it up, I bet the goons who turned on the gas at Auschwitz were just like you Todd, patriots to the bitter end who were just following orders.


bobby 815pm

No RC, there's no way to do a context free, objective as possible determination when the people doing the analysis are doing their damnedest to hang Trump and the Trumpsters.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 09 July 2018 at 08:15 PM

.....thanks Bobby.

Scott Obermuller

"I bet the goons who turned on the gas at Auschwitz were just like you Todd, patriots to the bitter end who were just following orders."
More like the antifa Booby. Cowards. Leftists. Get the connection?
Hey Booby - how about the SCOTUS pick? No more democracy? Huh?

Bill Tozer

Bobbie’s turn to vent. Trump is a lying sack of shit?

My, my. That is what I call “in one ear and out the other.” Boy, after us Nazis shoving little brown kids with some still clinging to their detached Mother’s arms in cages, one would think the TDS folks would be drained by now. But, somehow the bender continues.

They do say the difference between an alcoholic and a rageaholic is the alcoholic eventually passes out. Guess there ain’t no difference between a rageaholic and one with a bad case of TDS. I can smell the hate oozing out of every last pore they have.
In one ear, out the other.



Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 09 July 2018 at 08:15 PM

No I am all about freedom and capitalism and the Constitution BoobieC. Reading your tripe I would say you are like that Camp Commander in Schindlers List. Take out your rifle a randomly shoot little boys running towards your gas chambers. I bet you even personally cleaned up the ashes and made those ceramic pots for the townspeople. Me, I was the GI making my way into the camps to liberate those people. You see BoobieC, you are a fascist and I am an American.

rl crabb

In past posts you've made no secret of your disgust with gays, Todd. Once your "ilk" consolidates power, will you advocate a final solution?

Todd Juvinall

CSPAN did a live feed on the loony left's rally in front of the SCOTUS building after the announcement. Many lefty maniacs spoke. And they are creating many "chants" and are practicing their shouting skills. America is amazing. These people seem to me to be ignorant of reality and looking for mommy and daddy .

Crabb 623, no that is your gig, you dehumanize people with every cartoon. Your end game mst be annihilation. Maybe use gas chambers Crabb? That would suit your style.


"I bet the goons who turned on the gas at Auschwitz were just like you Todd"

"will you advocate a final solution?"

lol. Well, that didn't take too long.

It make sense really. Now that liberals have deep-sixed traditional Western culture and replaced it with a foundation myth based on the original sin of Nazism with Hitler as the Devil, it's all just a new kind of religious zealotry.

Todd's pagan beliefs need to be swept aside as we march to a paradise on Earth.

Same as it ever was.

Todd Juvinall

Those druggie brains sure make me laugh. Ever wonder why the left is so afraid of those people that want to US Constitution to be the law? Freedom must be scary to the lefty thugs like Crabb. He is all about claiming his opposition are actually the opposite of what they are for and believe. An old Alinsky/commie trick.


,,,of course our local chapter of partisan trumpheads would only consider that because a black woman beat the man of Latino descent she and her black posse must be libs,,,

,,,but the po’ trumpheads conveniently neglect to acknowledge what the baby mama was saying as she softened the poor elder’s head with a brick, ‘’’go back to your own country’’’

,,,gosh!!! I wonder where she got that talking/beating point???


Posted by: M | 10 July 2018 at 07:43 AM

,,of course our local chapter of partisan trumpheads would only consider that because a black woman beat the man of Latino descent she and her black posse must be libs,,,

Oh Dugski the beauty of both you and bobby c is that you're both so obviously and clumsily stupid that these little exchanges are little more than working the rhetorical heavy bag! A decent workout but not particularly challenging!

I do notice that the progressive crew that beat the old man were identified by you as "trumpskiites" before all the evidence was in!

NoW WhAt'S tHaT SmElL?


M: "I wonder where she got that talking/beating point???"

I suppose from the natural tribalism built into humanity.

After all, it's the same city where this happened:


If you want to think of all of them as Trump voters, go right ahead.

Todd Juvinall

The history of blacks and Hispanics in LA is one of WAR with each other. Even in Mexico the "brown" Mexicans hate the "black" Mexicans. Just a fact that M and BoobieC will never fess up too. They are simply self hating white liberals.


,,,Denial,,,it is is a beautiful thing to behold!!!



Your little Coulter of Confused,,,

‘’’I am a settler. I am descended from settlers - not from immigrants!!!’’’



Posted by: scenes | 10 July 2018 at 08:01 AM

Oh how it must have irked the $PLC to publish that!

I mean how are they supposed to fundraise off minority on minority violence.....


Posted by: M | 10 July 2018 at 08:10 AM

,,,Denial,,,it is is a beautiful thing to behold!!!

Indeed....the Diaper Question was difficult for you I realize!

But hey.....you faced it....picked your brand and boldly went with it!

Kudos dugski!


"Oh how it must have irked the $PLC to publish that!"

I was just thinking about that, and it occurs to me that their opportunities for ethnic arbitrage will never go away. They can always pivot to one group or another depending on the time and place.

No doubt the SPLC of the future will use some sort of marketing AI to detect profit opportunities in degrading social relations in different places. With the increasing blessing of vibrant diversity, the opportunities really are boundless for the people who make a business of declining social capital.


Posted by: scenes | 10 July 2018 at 08:30 AM

I suppose they can identify these patches of friction but can they fundraise as effectively as they've been against the "white devil"?

The release mentioned the two Hispanics who shot the black girl.....I doubt that was particularly effective from a revenue perspective!

Nahh.....Cool Mo Dees needs Dylan Roof like he needs oxygen!

Bill Tozer

@ 8:01 am
Azusa mean skunk in Espanol. Guess not everything is black and white. Ironically, the only place in LA where black and brown gangs ran together is the same place Rodney King got the snot beat out of him...the awful Sun Valley/Pacoima area. At least they used to back in the day.

About 25 or more years ago, the Silver Lake area of LA went through it’s own friction. The Latino neighborhoods were none to happy that the gays were moving in and snatching up houses and changing the demographics of the local blocks. I asked a gay friend who was telling me about the tensions and bought a couple of houses in Silver Lake. He said “We got the money and they can’t do anything about it”, with a big grin. Turf wars. And yes. gay men do seem to be better with handling money than most groups, if I may stereotype. At least the 90% of the gay me I knew.

Anyway, guess nowadays they call that gentrification or some big word meaning “bad”.

“Villasano’s ouster had been 30 years in the making, since moneyed interests began combing through the hills of Silver Lake, Echo Park and Hollywood looking for fixer-uppers. They quickly turned scruffy neighborhoods into well-appointed, artsy enclaves for professionals with Audis and six-figure incomes.”


My, my. I have wandered far from our little corner of the confused. Interesting food for thought, though. Can it happen here? Is it process or a scrouge on the historical character of our little confused speck on the map. As Nevada City fights and fights hard to keep Ozzie and Hariet look, feel, and air of the place, others want to turn it all blue with progress and get up to speed in the 21 Century. Affordable housing ain’t cheap.

Money talks, bull pucky walks. Bring your money. bring your Progressive ideas, hate the logger and miner, but don’t forget to romanticize and promote the remnants of their history and cultire, lol. Quite schizophrenic. Just like the letters from the confused.

Love trumps hate and all those bumper sticker slogans.


,,,for Rebane's circle of confused,,, Kavanaugh needs to make up his mind,,,does he want anchor babies,,,or not,,,

'''Judge Kavanaugh’s dissenting opinion claims that the
court has somehow broken new constitutional ground by
authorizing “immediate abortion on demand” by “unlawful
immigrant minors” (Judge Kavanaugh’s Dissent Op. 1). What
new law? It cannot be J.D.’s status as an undocumented
immigrant because the government has accepted that her status
does not affect her constitutional right to an abortion, as Judge
Kavanaugh’s opinion acknowledges on the next page (Dissent
Op. 2). Accordingly, in this litigation, J.D., like other minors
in the United States who satisfy state-approved procedures, is
entitled under binding Supreme Court precedent to choose to
terminate her pregnancy. See, e.g., Bellotti v. Baird, 443 U.S.
622 (1979). The court’s opinion gives effect to that
concession; it does not create a “radical” “new right” (Judge
Kavanaugh Dissent Op. 1) by doing so.


George Rebane

M 1139am - Along with your mindmates, you think that any SCOTUS nominee should telegraph his future opinions and rulings during his confirmation process. And you seek to convince the weak-minded that if the nominee does not so commit himself, that is sufficient to disqualify him from the bench. Good luck with that on these pages; I guarantee you that everyone here will see through such vapid attempts to argue against Kavanaugh.


Is this guy a member of the circle of clueless?



Posted by: M | 10 July 2018 at 12:37 PM

Is this guy a member of the circle of clueless?

Gee dugski....I don't know....after yesterdays fuckupery about the hispanic guy who caught the brick proffered by the South Central wing of progressivism the "circle of clueless" has precisely one member....and right now he's wearing a diaper!


Don Bessee

Sounds like mommy and daddy are not going to pay for snowflake U anymore -

New reports suggest that social justice haven Oberlin College is facing a myriad of financial issues.
Oberlin College in Ohio is notorious for its over-emphasis on social justice politics. It’s the alma mater of social justice icon Lena Dunham, who once published an art video that celebrated the “extinction of white men.” In 2015, Oberlin students accused their school of “cultural appropriation” over accuracy issues with certain cultural dishes that were offered in the dining hall. In December 2017, a local business claimed that Oberlin administrators slandered them by calling them racist for prosecuting alleged shoplifters.
Now, Oberlin College is facing “negative” ratings from credit agencies.



Ricky McVeigh

Don, this one’s for you buddy!


Bill Tozer

Looking at NATO from the confused one in Nirvana City, USA.

“To any Trump supporter reading this post, behold what KVMR’s Punchy Popinjay really thinks of you, your political instincts, and just your basic level of intelligence.

Expressing disgust with President Trump’s attitudes going into this week’s NATO summit and subsequent sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Punchy ruled that Trump supporters are like untamed dogs with Trump “dog-training these people” to hate NATO and love Putin.

After a montage of the President discussing both at his Montana rally last week, The Popinjay wondered if people realize “to hell what this guy’s doing” with the Republican Party and its outlook on foreign policy.

Punchy screeched that he’s taking the one political party that, during the Cold War, hated the Russians the most “for all their aggressiveness in the world and taking over the countries on the border and being tyrannical the way they are now and he has those people cheering against Western Europe, which is liberal and democratic and free market and attacking them.”

Punchy then whined to some old hippy chick with excess body hair , wanting to know: “But why are they cheering him?” Why, why, why?


Don Bessee

"untamed dogs" #1033 is po' ol' putin party parrot talk for; they wont be parrots and blindly say what we tell them to and vote for who we demand. Can we somehow give them welfare to buy them off? 0care credits, something, please! ;-)


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 10 July 2018 at 10:33 PM

Yes...."Tingles" Matthews is an odious democrat "Camp Follower".

Bill Tozer

Our little corner of the confused. Who is protesting against the parents who abandon their children? Well, I reckon it’s better than the shanty towns outside Rio where parents abandon their kids at the dump.


I keep hearing about all these poor folks from Central America, but they all seem to come up with $6,000 cash to pay smugglers. That’s a lot of cab fare to carry with ya. That’s a lot of green. Heck, only 39% of Americans can come up with a grand.


Double heck, nearly half of us Americans can’t come up with $400.00

Poor poor brown folks coming to Amerika with thousands of dollars on their person. Now I am confused.

George Rebane

BillT 834am - Perhaps some of our readers of the Left will have an answer to your well posed questions. ... Nah!

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