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16 July 2018


rl crabb

Watching Trump/Putin lovefest today made me think back to that day in Iceland when Ronald Reagan looked Mickey Gorbachev in the eye and said, "I don't think you really wanted a deal." and then walked away. Sure is far cry from what we saw today.I'm sure you faithful followers believe that Trump is playing some brilliant global chess move here, and that all will be made clear to us peons when the reverse psychology checkmate sends the Rooskies into oblivion.
Yes, it's all so clear...Shame your allies on the world stage, cozy up to the guy who invades his neighbors, poisons his disloyal defectors, and sends his cyber-goons into the ether to fuck with your elections. Oh, and dismiss your own justice department's indictments as phony.
I've been wasting money subscribing to HBO. Real life has Game Of Thrones beat any day.

Paul Emery

Did you read the indictments George?


Robert Cross

"There must be some reasonable explanation for all this, which from my perch appears as utter bullshit - including the timing of the announcement of the latest indictments."

Of course you think it's bullshit George, most of your beliefs are. The reasonable explanation is the whole witch hunt is real and true and trump is squirming like a worm on a hook trying to save his own ass by throwing our intelligence agencies under the bus and selling out America to Putin. That is the reality George. There is no mystery except in your head.


Not "phony", RL 300pm. BS, and utterly political in their timing.

Now it's "fucking with our elections"... what, meddling not good enough? Not one vote had been alleged changed from their actions.

I'm sure you were loving Reagan's Iceland performance at the time.


Has Paul read the indictments? (nope)
Where was our Proggys when "O" was screwing with Israel's elections?
As usual, that was OK. Would our Proggys hand over "O" to face charges there?( right..... Sure thing.. Get right on that.)

Yet not one damned vote was changed. But apparently the Russians did something to make Paul, Crabb, and Bobby to vote for Trump.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like RL Crabb is a deep state person And all this time he told us he was a "rebel" What a crock. As far as BoobieC, another brain-dead analysis by a lefty idiot. He has no clue about any issues discussed here but he sure thinks he does. So maybe RL Crabb and BoobieC can formulate their foreign policy recommendations and get them to Trump?

Rhe indictments of people not Americans and not extraditable is too funny. The deep state wanted to embarrass Trump and it did not work. I would suggest a cleanup in those places and get some people with some brains in charge. Trump has outsmarted the local idiots of the middle/left as well as the DC crew. And they don't even know it.

rl crabb

"Not his best day"... https://www.facebook.com/FoxBusinessVoices/videos/2039373153046688/

Todd Juvinall

Actually, he did fine. You critics just want him to mouth what you want. He mouths what he wants. No filters. You should all thank him for his transparency.

Todd Juvinall

Now someone straiten me out. The indictments state Goosefer 2.0 released Hillary's emails. I recall them being released by Wikileaks ands Assuange. And he spoke numerous times that the Rooskies were not his source for the emails. No "state" supploed them. So if that is true how can the Rooskies be indicted for something they did not steal or release? That is in the indictment docs.

Bill Tozer

This is not a deflection, just putting it into context. History did not start today, yet recent history can bring us to where we are now.

“Despite a breakdown of relations with Russia over Ukraine and the ongoing civil war in Syria, the Obama administration sought to increase its military cooperation and information sharing with Moscow on Syria this summer.

A fragile Syrian ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia collapsed in September, as Russian and Syrian warplanes bombed civilians in Aleppo, a rebel stronghold at the time. The Assad regime has since taken complete control of the city.

In his first term, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton collaborated on a failed "reset" policy with Russia. The reset was meant to reverse what Obama described as a "dangerous drift" in bilateral cooperation between the United States and Russia.”


See, Putin is getting worse, emboldened.. When Kerry uttered that passing fupaw answering the question “what could stop the impending full out bombing of Syria?”, with the flippant “Assad getting rid of all his chemical weapons,” well, Putin jumped in at the golden opportunity and got his face on the cover of Time’s Person of the Year as well as becoming the most recognized face on earth.

Now that Putin is running amok and Is unstoppable, looks like there is only one man on the planet with the balls big enough to stand up Putin and get away with it. It’s a dirty difficult impossible job, Yes, Trump was off his game today and didn’t defend America enough or cheer lead enough for America for most. At least he did not apolize for our country. He just ain’t no politician. Always a silver lining. Ok, back to gotcha, but I prefer substance over style.

Thus, today we have the ever shrinking and magically disappearing Holy Grail Indictments. Russia meddled in our elections? Sowed discord and even tried to hack some polling machine software in the factory and in some county voting machines down South? Like, that’s news?? Ok Trump, go fix it. Thanks.

rl crabb

I don't know, Todd. It sounded to me like Trump was apologizing for Bad America. He must be taking cues from Obama.


American Thinker is Shit for Brains. Another rooskie bot site???

,,, it is not 13 minus 1; it is 13 plus 12.

Look at the Defendant lists.

Feb. 16, 2017 Defendants


July 13, 2018 Indictment Defendants




"It sounded to me like Trump was apologizing for Bad America."

RL, what words were those? A quote, please.

rl crabb

Hey, don't take my word for it, General Barstool... http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/07/16/putin-eats-trumps-lunch-in-helsinki-this-is-no-way-to-win-against-russia.html


A catchy title.


Bill Tozer

Which one is the guy who is pleading not guilty and what is the name of the other guy who done got indicted, but didn’t work for the evil shell company during the all important timeframe? That window of opportunity did not exist.
Find out for me, thanks. You rock!

Which reminds me, were any of those names derived from the illegal unmasking? Like, that is one of the biggest violations of civil libererties in my adult lifetime. Worse than J Edgar Hoover days. Smartha Powers went to her office and every day and everyday she unmasked a name. The U.N. Ambassador, ROFLMAO. Anyway, Sam P said she did not do it, that somebody was using her account doing the dastardly violations of those secret espionage laws.

It’s beginning to smell more and more like Sedition against a Sitting President. Kind of like treason, but more focused. Boy, they were squirming like a ho in church today. Best memory that warmed the cockles of me heart will be John O. Brennan erupting like Mount St. Helens, blowing the side of his head off. Sweet.

Brennan? Oh, he probably snuck into Moscow to pick up some of that fresh smelling Clinton Cash. Drag $400,000 across Moscow and you never know what you will come up with.


Now back to worthless indictments! Bad Putin, bad. Stop it. We mean it.



It's treason, I tell ya!


The only answer is a Peace Army. Our local Green Libertarians and sign totin' harridans, RL & Paul, The Pelline Mafia, arm in arm with a German Army fully equipped with painted broom handles blocking the Russian Tank Armies at the Fulda Gap.

Just keep General Hillary away from any steps.

Scott Obermuller

Crabb at 3:00 - You must be kidding. You think that Russia just started acting this way after Trump became pres? Lemme 'splain sumpin' to ya. Russia/USSR and China have been f'ing with us for decades. Undermining our goals overseas, killing our citizens, cooking up lies to break up our alliances and on and on. But. We can't just go in and bust them up and we can't just wish them away. Well - actually we had the opportunity to seriously mess up both Russia and China in the 40's but the Dems blew our chance and we ended up giving away the store bit by bit ever since.
That ship has sailed and we now face reality. Trump went to Europe to strengthen NATO - how does that 'help' Russia? He criticised Germany. Yes he did. His criticism was that Germany had become too reliant on Russia. How does that help Russia? You Trump haters can't even keep your stories straight. If Trump had openly dissed Putin, Putin would have said "F you" and walked. How does that advance any sort of progress in the search for some sort of understanding?
"Oh, and dismiss your own justice department's indictments as phony."
You mean the one that openly ignored years of illegal acts and collusion during the Obama reign? They have a long way to go to earn anyone's respect.


But,But,,,BUT!!!! "O" told Putin to "knock it off". And "O" said "And Putin did"... Seems like "O" LIED TO US!!! Yet the Proggys were silent. It's OK when They and their own spew forth mule dung.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 5:03 pm and a shout out to Walt and Fish:

Loved the link, but now I am troubled. “What concerns me” is that the impassioned open letter signed by Gloria Steinem, Noam Chomsky, John Dean, Governor Bill Richardson, Walter Mosley, Michael Moore, Valerie Plame, and others is they are saying the exact same thing that Putin’s Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation would spout. It’s Putin messing with the West wanting us to disarm and pull NATO back to where it belongs. It’s the Russian agenda!! Trying to make us weaker. This is bad. Gets me up in arms.
They are being fooled and are now puppets doing the work of Putin and the dirty rotten KGB! Dovetails perfectly with our enemy’s goals.. Oh crap. I got to go warn them.



Just in case our Leftists missed it,
"Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen on Monday called for the “military folks” to save America from President Donald Trump after Trump’s much-criticized press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!” Cohen wrote on Twitter, using language suggestive of a military coup."

Take the LIB out and shoot him for subversion.

His denials are proof enough.


Earl Crabb 459pm links to a Fox News piece by Doug Schoen... this Doug Schoen (copied from Wikipedia):

In 1977, he founded the political consulting firm Penn, Schoen & Berland with political strategists Mark Penn.[6] Michael Berland joined the firm in 1987.[6] Schoen worked for the political campaigns of politicians including Jay Rockefeller, Richard Shelby and Evan Bayh.[6] Following the 1994 United States elections, President Bill Clinton hired Dick Morris, who brought on Schoen and Penn...

In 2000, Ukrainian steel oligarch Victor Pinchuk hired Schoen on a $40,000 per month retainer. In 2004, Schoen introduced Pinchuk to Hillary Clinton.[!!!] He also did work for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008 and later became associated with the People United Means Action movement of disaffected Clinton supporters who refused to support Barack Obama. Schoen was a consultant for Jeff Greene in the 2010 Florida Senate election.

Pinchuk would donate $13.1 million to the Clinton Foundation in the years after Schoen's introduction. In 2011, Schoen registered as a foreign agent lobbying on behalf of Pinchuk. Between September 2011 and November 2012, Schoen arranged nearly a dozen meetings between Pinchuk and senior State Department officials, including Melanne Verveer. In September 2015, Pinchuk donated $150,000 to the Donald J. Trump Foundation in exchange for a 20-minute video appearance by Donald Trump shown at a policy conference that year in Kiev.[12] Michael Cohen solicited Schoen for the donation from Pinchuk, which was the largest outside donation the Trump Foundation received that year. In March 2017, former Trump aid Monica Crowley registered as a foreign agent working for Pinchuk under Schoen's direction.

Wow, RL, Schoen in political circles seems to be that elephant with the roving trunk you linked to earler.

Todd Juvinall

The establishment has lost its mind. I never thought RL Crabb was part of that but stranger things have happened. The American people could give a shit that the media and the DC establishment think Trump did a poor or good job. Maybe 1% of the American population even saw it. Anyway, Doug Schoen of FOX is their "moderate democrat" who was a Clinton pollster and his opinion means nothing to most of us.

And RL calls Gregory a demeaning name which is what he does.

Paul Emery


exactly who should do the shooting of Representative Stephen Cohen that you propose in your 6:06 post?

"Take the Lib out and shoot him for subversion"

Should there be a trial or should someone just shoot him?


Was Punchy at the press conference? I SWEAR!!,, Putin was talking to you!

"“We should be guided by facts. Could you name a single fact that would definitively prove the collusion?” Putin asked a reporter who asked about collusion."


I missed the 'demeaning name' TJ mentions... yes, I guess "General Barstool" was RLC's attempt to take me down a notch.

I admit, I do have a drink at a favored bar maybe three or four times a week. One drink. Sometimes two if a conversation is too interesting to leave... and I've never been stopped for drunk driving in the 48 years I've been licensed to drive in California.

RL was standing next to me at a bar in town when he told me a few years ago that Pelline had enrolled his son at Mount Saint Mary's, the source of that kerfuffle. Wrap your lips around that one, RL.

George Rebane

RobertC 330pm - So that's the very best you could do?? You come in from the side, totally ignore the point (what happened to the original 13), and start disparaging me as the one who is seeking answers, answers that apparently you have no clue about. But did we expect anything better? Probably not, and you have made your mark (again for all to see) to confirm your sharp powers of reason and logic.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 July 2018 at 06:26 PM

Should there be a trial or should someone just shoot him

Should Uncle Punchy ask yet another leading, clumsy, and ham fisted question or just pop in a commercial long enough to hoove a butt in the parking lot before needing to be back on the air?

YES OR NO....dammit......yes or no?!

Bill Tozer

Cohen sounds a little bit like can. Walt, go ahead and shoot some cans.... or cohens.

rl crabb

Just what I'd expect from a weasel like you, Greg.

Paul Emery

Wow George

Your fellow bloggers Walt and Bill are encouraging someone to shoot a US Congressman. Watch out !!! Your blog may be accused of inciting murder.
Walt writes at

"“Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!” Cohen wrote on Twitter, using language suggestive of a military coup."

Take the LIB out and shoot him for subversion.

His denials are proof enough."

Walt 6:06

"Walt, go ahead and shoot some cans.... or cohens."

Bill 7:00



This is probably worth a read. It's a not unreasonable document.


Todd Juvinall

I thought that treason brought the death penalty. So if that is true yen Brennan, Obama's CIA goon says Trump is guilty f treason. Brennan is the hero for green-libs I heard. And the on;y one shooting Congressmen is a Bernie Sanders supporter last year. Another green libertarian favorite.

Still can't believe RL Crabb is a deep state dude. Shocking!

Ricky McVeigh

Just in case we’re all getting a bit too amped: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org


"Just what I'd expect from a weasel like you, Greg."
-RL 726pm

Sticks and stones, luv. After tossing a name like "General Barstool" meant to demean my character, what did you expect, RL?

Thanks for not denying you were my source of info for that one... and you came to me with it. At a Cooper's meeting of the Shifters.

Don Bessee

TJ@ 749 - Brennen also voted for the communist presidential candidate Gus Hall by his own admission. No wonder team 0 loved him so much, he sounds so left of Bernie and hates capitalists! ;-)

Paul Emery

Even Newt is turning on Trump


President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected—-immediately.
2:15 PM - Jul 16, 2018 wt


Punchy 806pm

That's not the Newt turning on Trump, that's the Newt giving Trump his advice. Good advice, too.

Paul Emery

Well Gregory it certainly not supporting Trumps statements with Putin like Todd, Bill and Walt do.


Punchy 818pm

So what? It wasn't as you characterized it, a turning on Trump by Gingrich. I expect Trump will manage to 'clarify his statements regarding US intelligence and Putin' that will make his base happy. The rest of the week of the daily Rasmussen poll will take a hit, too.

Personally, I think Rosenstein's transitioning of the indictments from the public sphere to spook central where they can be buried away from prying eyes is ultimately the bigger story.

George Rebane

All this buffoonery about shooting this or that is pretty much a nothing burger. But I do wonder why our leftwingers don't care to comment on prominent Dems calling Trump "treasonous" and asking why our military will not stand up and overthrow this administration. Now that's pretty serious compared to our local snark.

Don Bessee

0 told the truth when he said he wanted to fundamentally change America. Now his spawn can not even pretend to hide their goals. This crew is the most active third column collaborators with Xi, Castro, Venezuelan scum and Putin's world view. Add your own local socialist (= communists ).

Helleooo! The ascended communist fellow travelers are not even trying to cover it like 0 and Brennen etc.
This limousine liberal who is the darling of the DNC's dirty duo bosses has gone full frontal communist.

Hoover asked very basic, softball questions of the young congressional candidate. In explaining her positions on the economy, Hoover asked Ocasio-Cortez “Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans?” Hoover cited a currently booming US economy and low unemployment.

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” Ocasio-Cortez explained, lamenting that people are employed but having to work long hours, “Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world,” she continued.




Just in case anyone wants to base their Trumpoutrage on a real source rather than a bunch of tweets and 'news' articles by third parties.


George Rebane

scenes 737pm - Very interesting; I wonder what the acquisition pathway was for such an "unclassified" document, and also its provenance. Thanks for the link.

Paul Emery


So you have no problem with one of your contributors encouraging someone to shoot a Congressman? My goodness.




It reads rather like Putin's public speaking style. Straightforward and openly self-interested.

I tend to view Trump as something of a visionary. He is seeing a multipolar world and is renegotiating all the historical ties. A lot of the country is being dragged along kicking and screaming but my inclination is to agree with his view. There simply isn't enough overlap in strategic interests with Russia to view them as an aggressive foe. If anything, given their nearly unique ability to blow up the world, they probably should be left alone to tidy up their borders and improve their internal health. There might not be a Stanislov Petrov next time.

Sloughing off the Pax Americana was always going to be something of a mess, but given the growth of China, the imbalance of viewing the EU as client state (especially given their size and GDP), population pressure and mobility of the Third World, and the never-ending troubles of Arab and Persian countries, something had to give.


"So you have no problem with one of your contributors encouraging someone to shoot a Congressman?"

I suppose it might be enough to resurrect Preston Brooks' cane.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 July 2018 at 09:48 PM

So you have no problem with one of your contributors encouraging someone to shoot a Congressman? My goodness.

Quick Punchy......grab yer clutching pearls and head immediately to the fainting couch!


Don't worry Paul, we will give him a fair trial before he's dragged out and "dealt with", as all subversives and traitors should be.

A sitting Congressman wanting to military to "stop" Trump? And not a peep from you on that.
The investigation on Trump was started on less.

Well,, judging by the past, You and yours love traitors and subversives against America. So did "O"... Commuted sentences, and pardons.

Now don't forget what you have stated in the past. Even the Revolutionary war was "unjust" in your opinion.( Nope, will never let you or others forget that statement.)

Paul Emery

Walt writes

" Even the Revolutionary war was "unjust" in your opinion.("

Huh???Document please or you're a liar.

Todd Juvinall

Walt knows how to expose the charlatans. Go Walt!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 July 2018 at 08:08 AM

Huh???Document please or you're a liar.

Are you trying to say that you’re fast and loose with the truth Punch?


For a little perspective.........

GLENN GREENWALD: I think this kind of rhetoric is so unbelievably unhinged, the idea that the phishing links sent to John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee are the greatest threat to American democracy in decades. People are now talking about it as though it’s on par with 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, that the lights are blinking red, in terms of the threat level. This is lunacy, this kind of talk. I spent years reading through the most top-secret documents of the NSA, and I can tell you that not only do they send phishing links to Russian agencies of every type continuously on a daily basis, but do far more aggressive interference in the cybersecurity of every single country than Russia is accused of having done during the 2016 election. To characterize this as some kind of grave existential threat to American democracy is exactly the kind of rhetoric that we heard throughout the Bush-Cheney administration about what al-Qaeda was like.“



Nice try Paul, My memory is far superior to yours.
So you DENYING (all of a sudden) that our fight for freedom from king George was unjust? You DENY making that statement? Be careful of your answer. I know where your skeletons are buried.

Just think back to all your "unjust war" crap. (yaa,, your BDS may kick in again) Nope,, NO war was "just" in your aged melon.
You have even stated your love for dictatorships, and monarchy.
Should we still be under the rule of the Queen today?
That's a YES or NO Paul.


One more thing Paul. YOUR the liar. You stated (and I quote) " Walt hates Greeks". Prove it old man!! DARE YA'!!!
My actual statement was " I never met a Greek that told the truth"
That still rings true today.
Have a nice day.

Paul Emery

Even the Revolutionary war was "unjust" in your opinion.

Never said that Walt

Document or you're a liar

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Walt has PE on the run. Go Walt!

Bill Tozer

@ 6:40 am
Walt, I give Punchy no nevermind. Punchy is incapable of providing or taking anything in context. He definitely is not alone.
You do have to wonder when one runs around pointing his finger yelling “Liar!” at every tumbleweed blowing in the wind, if the shrunk does indeed smell his own first. Like Brennan screaming traitor yesterday. Got to wonder exactly what the former CIA Chief DID to prevent Russian “hacking” when he was at the helm. We know he sold us down the river in the Middle East and other places. Traitor!!

Context, albeit time consuming, must be included when putting forth anything on these pages and MSM. To pick out a line or one sentence without providing context is the way of the world nowadays....and results in fakenews, lol.

Yes, it was shocking that a elected Congressman would call for a military coup to overthrow our government. May be unparalleled in our nation’s history going back to George Washington’s first term.
In the old days, he would have been hanged. I would have put a bullet in the back of his head, no problem. But, we have to take it all in context. The wack job Congressman, like most Democrats, are not known for high IQs and his emotions got the better of him. Couple his unchecked unhinged emotions with the notorious lack of average intelligence of Democrat members of Congress and we have such statements uttered. Context.

There is a reason that our government and our Commander in Chief is placed under civilian command. It’s to keep our government to becoming a military dictatorship. Try as the Progressives may to turn our representative republic into a banana republic issuing edicts from on high, we hold fast to our Constitution in the face of calls to overthrow our government, bloodless coup notwithstanding.

As far as our incredible shrinking indictments, Meuller charging foreign government personnel for criminal activity in a US Court of law is all smoke and mirrors. First, if there is any shed of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, that information could only be uncovered by our counter-intelligence agencies hacking into Russia’s computers. Thus, it ain’t going anywhere. Imagine in a US court of law the indicted defendants putting US CIA agent’s under oath to question them on how they obtained such information, revealing the exact means, methods, and agents/moles used. It was all for show. It’s all for political theater......which looks more and more like Kabuki theater with each passing day.

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 8:30 am

Agree100%. I just got through listening to Glenn Greewald live on the radio. His points are something I was going to post last night from different sources and my own opinion.

1) Phishing the John Podesta/Clinton Campaign computers is on the same level as a prank. Any high schooler could have figured that one out...for fun or out of boredom. My password is PASSWORD, ROFLMAO. Seriously, his password was PASSWORD. What a knucklehead. Hardly equivalent to 9/11 where thousands perished in the collapsing Twin Towers inferno. Hardly equivalent to Pearl Harbor. It was an attack all right, an attack on a private citizen and a private organization, the DNC.

2). Let’s review what we have so far. The above referenced phishing. We have some FB posts, tweets, and social media stuff. Maybe I posted a meme or two that can be traced back to some Rooskie operation. We have RT, Pravda, and Democracy Now!. Ok, maybe not DN!? And we have some ad buys. That’s the whole ball of wax.

Out of 2.5 billion spent on the 2016 election, the Rooskies spent 100k. So, once again, we have a phishing scam, tweets, social media posts and comments, and some ad buys. BTW, most of those ad buys were never viewed, lol.

This is hardly an attack on democracy. If it was an attack on democracy (or at least our Democratic Republic), then why hasn’t Meuller investigated the attempted hacks into the Republican RNC computers??? Yes, someone broke into the RNC computers, but only got some scheduling and payments to some vendors infor, mundane stuff. But, if the quest is to seek the truth, the RNC servers should have right up there on the top of the list. But, nooooo.

Paul Emery

I'm really worried Todd about Lying Walt. He has nothing to say so he makes things up.

Paul Emery

George and his babblers stand alone in supporting Trump. Even the conservative Wall Street Journal blasts him

“Monday’s joint press conference was a personal and national embarrassment,” the Journal editorial board wrote. “On stage with the dictator whose election meddling has done so much harm to his Presidency, Mr. Trump couldn’t even bring himself to say he believed his own intelligence advisers like Dan Coats over the Russian strongman.”


Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 July 2018 at 10:12 AM

Since when did the Green Libertarian start caring what the Wall Street Journal says?

Paul Emery

I follow around 30 news services Fish. Do you?

George Rebane

PaulE 1012am - "George and his babblers ..." - 1) if they exist, aren't you one of them? 2) A more careful reading of these comment streams reveals a wide range of assessments about each of Trump's doings.

To me it appears that you and yours are taking the simplistic TDS approach, and are not capable of a more nuanced look at Trump's efforts and achievements. I refer to my own posts and that of comments from e.g. Messrs scenes (1009pm), Tozer (855am), et al. I admit that some of our commenters overdo their propensity for snark. However, please point us to another blog hereabouts that contains discussion streams such a found in these pages.

Bill Tozer

Finally, the dirty little secret no one is talking about.

When all is said and done, when Meuller winds it down or bails, when our Congressional Oversight Committees and IGs get to the source and inception of the Russian Collusion stories, when all that plays out.....nothing will be done to keep it from happening again in future elections. We cannot stop any nation from meddling in our elections. What are we going to do? Jail Soros or Move On.org, or some Chinese officials or have a government takeover of all social media platforms and control the internet?

How are we ever going to stop Twitter or FB posts or comments? I am talking strictly non-government servers. How are we going to prevent phishing attempts going on 24/7 from thousands of origins throughout the globe? Any security the reader has on their personal devices has access to maps showing the latest cyberattacks throughout the world. Constantly updated, constantly thwarted, defenses constantly upgraded, and a few slip in. Sometimes more than a few. Like busting a drug dealer and getting them off the streets, another one pops up to take his/her place.

We have as much chance as preventing another re-enactment of the 20016 as we do stopping fake news or bias news or someone finding a way to voice their opinions. Good luck with that, short of ripping up the 1st Amendment.

George Rebane

BillT 1029am - No one is talking about it because 1) for the Left, it doesn't fit their narrative, therefore it is ignored, and 2) for the rest of us it has already been covered (extensively in these pages) and its repetition is now a tautology. Nevertheless, from time to time even tautologies should be revisited, because for the lightly read they may turn on a new light. Mr Tozer, we thank you for your public service ;-)

Paul Emery


I don,t follow blogs in general so I can't compare. The bottom line is Trump is publicly siding with Putin despite the findings of his own DOJ and Intellegance services. That is astounding and virtually without precedence.

George Rebane

PaulE 1040am - What words did Trump say that convinces you of that?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is a fine example of why Americans don't trust the media and what they write and say. They twist and parse and make stuff up. Then they have the audacity to whine about their foibles being caught and exposed. Walt has ten times the creds here than Emery. In Every post Emery tries to nudge the reader to his lies and thank goodness it has not worked. Americans are having none of this kerfuffle the media and never Trumpers have created.

Can you imagine if Trump had got into Putins face and thumped his chest and said you meddled and got into our elections? The media would twist that into a headline like "Trump admits Russia Helped him win" just like Emery does here. Instead, Trump outsmarted them all by asking to see the friggin server. Oh my, and the 400 million Paul Emery and Hillary are hiding. So Trump has outsmarted these lovelies again and it will be that way for anothe 6.5 years thank goodness.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 July 2018 at 10:28 AM

Again answering the question that wasn’t asked!

Since you are such an ardent follower of the news and the WSJ in particular I can only assume that you were in agreement with their conclusion regarding the necessity for going to war in Iraq

Paul Emery


Lying Walt made a declaration that I opposed the War of Independance. I asked him to document that accusation and he has disappeared with no comment. I that what you call credibility?


,,,Todd,,, '''Trump outsmarted them all by asking to see the friggin server. '''

No, he did the dance you all do over here when faced with uncomfortable truths, he bailed for the Hillary card.

Server, server, the servers!!! What about these radioactive servers??? What is the accusation? Oh, right, she shouldn't have been using a personal server. Ohhh, that is sooo serious!!!

What do you think is on the server, the identity of the person on the grassy knoll???

Total smokescreen by ChickenHawk in Chief probably because he didn't Putin to get mad at him and deny him his Moscow hotel.

Don't forget,,,it is all about trumpski, at least in trumpski's mind.

I guess trumpski is remembering the Iraq yellow cake fake and doesn't trust the government,,,but he is the head of the government...and he threw us under the bus!!!

Paul Emery


Is that what you call credibility ?

George Rebane

Does no one on the Left remember what Hillary's 'missing server' was used for and, more importantly, the missing 30,000+ emails? Being able to examine the server and the emails continues to be a very material part of the ongoing investigations. Apparently none of that has entered the purview of readers like 'M' (1145am), who to this day remains astonished about the real import of this issue, thereby confirming again that his news sources highly censor materials that don't fit the Left's narrative.

Paul Emery

George trumps pathetic attempt to change the record today is evidence enough

Todd Juvinall

"M" and Paul Emery sure are a great example of the loony left. Paul Emery lies just about everything and then gets mad at Walt for telling the truth about him. "M" is just a troll.

Today I listened and watched Trump make ONE change to his statements in Finland. He changed ONE word. From would to wouldn't. OMG! That tells me Trump is uncomncerned with all the boo-birds and trolls like Emery and even Ryan. You just have to love that Trump!

Todd Juvinall

Regarding the "server" used and then hacked the DNC owned. I am sure it has been recycled and just like all those phones with their chips removed then smashed, never to be seen. And all those 30,000 emails. My guess is they are all full of democrat collusion with the Rooskies and that is why we will never see them. I say Hillary and the DNC were the colluders and now we see they got $400 million bucks from the Rooskies.

Paul Emery

So Todd do you now agree with Trump when he claims he meant the Russians did interfere with our elections?

George Rebane

PaulE 1223pm - I take that to mean that you could not find the quote to back up your 1040am assertion.

Paul Emery

There are so many quotes and implications that I cannot list them all. Mainly Trummp never once condemned or even questioned Putin on the indictments or in any way tried to hole the Russians responsible. He had many opportunities to do so, These are legitimate Grand Jury indictments of members of the Russian government that are under the supervision and control of Putin. Todfay he said this “I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place,” He said nothng like that yesterday. If he did please correct me. Yesterday he said this “President Putin just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I don’t see any reason why it would be.” Today he claimed he mispoke and meant “I don’t see any reason why it wouldn't be.”

Really George, do you believe that? Would you give Obama and Hillary the same benefit of the doubt?

What happened this morning and what will likely come out is that the Intelligence community demanded a meeting with Trump and possibly threatened to go public in their opposiion to his statement.

Paul Emery


BREAKING: NBC News has learned that an unscheduled principals meeting of Trump’s top national security advisers was convened this morning at the White House concerning Russia and the fall out from Helsinki. The meeting concluded before Trump spoke on camera today.

Todd Juvinall

I saw and heard Trump today. One word was changed. He stands behind all the rest. If they don't like it they can all resign. But I have not seen one yet.

Don Bessee

Dr. R says - PaulE 1223pm - I take that to mean that you could not find the quote to back up your 1040am assertion.

The po' ol' fakenwsman says -
There are so many quotes and implications that I cannot list them all.

Translation - Dr. R. caught the po' ol' fakenewman in yet another breathless utterance that can not be substantiated by the po' ol' putin party parrot. SQUWAK!


Paul Emery

One of many quotes Don

“President Putin just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I don’t see any reason why it would be.”


"“President Putin just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I don’t see any reason why it wouldn't be.”

Is the corrected version, Paulo. FYI.

Bill Tozer

I just reviewed the transcripts. Basically it’s the same. He says Coats said it could have been the Russians, “thinks” it could have been the Russians. That assement from his intel guy has not changed. I assume that was about hacking.

Trumps revised statements accepts that Russians meddled in the election. Interference is a term used by the journalists, not Trump. Meddling. Thinks.

Everyone takes it as gospel truth that the Russians hacked the Wikileaks e-mails. Still, no definitive proof has been offered. Assements are best educated guesses with the information they have. “ Mr. President, we think it was the Russians.” Mr. President, we think other forgein actors were in Hillary’s private server (not the focus of Meuller).

I do find relief in that this issue (election meddling) is parsed out and the hacking of government computers has remained where it should....in secret. Like the million (2?) government personnel files, and the latest one that hit the USMC. Those hacking attempts and successes should be kept secret and out of the limelight.

Well, the more I go down this road, the further I get from the topic of this post, i.e., the latest nothingburger indictments.

One digression:
My blood is boiling after reading documents of Inwan’s prior extensive criminal background, his zero training in cypersecurity, the House IG’s dire warning issued to 1 in 5 Democrats in the House, and the server goes missing within 2 days after the Red Alert warning went out, just about the very time (within a week) the DNC is claiming the Russians or somebody hacked their servers! Guess we can only have one narrative at a time. We must blame the Russians and do not look anywhere else. Must not go there.

I, for one, do not trust some of our government agencies as far as I could spit them. We got Clapper lying to Congress, but he is CNN’s hero. That’s the facts, Jack. The top officials we put our trust are like looking into the face of Lying Peter and asking them why they did not recuse themselves. Answer: why would we do that? We are above reproach and watch us wrap outselves in the American flag. How dare you challenge our integrity. Same with Rosenstein.

Coats said we think it was the Russians, Mr. President. That I believe. I also believe that the 30 news sources Punchy reads all said Trump’s Inaugural address was a “dark speech.”

Don Bessee

Then you have this relevant wrinkle -

Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.), in a wide-ranging audio interview with his House colleague Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.), accused top officials at the FBI and DOJ of "putting all their chips on the Republicans losing the House" so that their Democratic allies can "shut down" the longstanding Intelligence Committee probe, which has unearthed information disputing claims of collusion in recent months.

Nunes also lashed out at the U.S. media, accusing "90 percent" of reporters covering the Russia probe of being "essentially an arm of the Democratic party,"



Paul Emery

So Gregory you now admit that the Russians hacked into our election. that took a long time. Thanks for finally agreeing with me.


"So Gregory you now admit that the Russians hacked into our election."

Geez, what does that even mean? That they remotely messed with the voting machines?


Punchy, stop making up stuff.

"Hacked into our election" is a meaningless phrase, Paulo, and has nothing to do with the corrected text from the presser yesterday. Thanks for ignoring reality once again.

Not a single vote was changed. It was completely ineffective by that measure. And if you look hard, there has been a Boris and Natasha nosing around our elections since the 1930's when the USSR started spying in the USA.

What was the Obama line in a debate with Romney that scored on the laff-o-meter... "The 1980's called and they want their foreign policy back"... but by then, "Vlad" had gotten the message that Obama would be more free to deal after Nov 2012.

Bill Tozer

In a way, we have come full circle, but with the chairs being rearranged. First, we spent hours here trying to separate hacking from colludin’. Actually, we went from the Russians stole the election for Trump to the Russians meddling in an election with the collusion narrative yet to be played out as no proof has been offered. Each issue stands on its own merits, the hacking and the colluding. No one has ever proved the Russians hacked the DNC computers, just best educated guesses and probabilities, but I digress.

Now reading through a few newsfeeds, we (Trump and by extension his supporters) are being accused of muddling the waters by combining “Russian interference” with “Russia Collusion with Trump”. It’s two separate issues, nothing to do with Hillary’s missing e-mails! Why the Dems refused FBI access to the DNC servers is not the issue here, ROFLMAO.

Just can’t win. Seems like today they are focused only on the meddling, and have dropped the Collusion story as there is no ‘there’ there....yet. That is progress. Always a silver lining.

Ok, the Russians meddled in our election. And there are over 100,000 Facebook posts and comments that have yet to be translated from Russian to English as proof. And somebody opened up multiple bank accounts (more than one) and used PayPal. More indictments. What else? Got some KBG agents in the Kremlin stirring the pot to sow discord. Heck, all it takes is a spark in this current climate to start a 5 alarm fire. Like throwing a match on gasoline. The gasoline was already doused on the walls by the Leftinistas and their Industrial Clinton Media Complex before the Russians arrived on the scene.

Meddling? Yep. At least the Lefties are content with meddling, as it if proves them correct and all knowing. “Mr. President, we think it may have been the Russians.”
But, but, but, I detect a dilemma. What will they do with this treasonous, treasonous I say, Collusion with Russia to rip the election out of the arms of Hillary? Hmmm. I got it. Call Trump’s remarks yesterday treasonous and problem solved! Nature abhors a vacumn.


Toes, don't forget, the Russkies also tried to hack into GOP campaign computers but they didn't get in. The GOP apparently also cooperated with the FBI and heeded their warnings.

I suspect the Libertarian and Peace & Freedom and Green Parties didn't get the same attention. Hell, with the last two, Boris and Natasha might have had their own accounts.

Paul Emery


How can you say no votes were affected. Streaking emails from the DNC and making them public likely shifted votes. How can you say for sure no votes were changed.

Are you saying that it was not a crime because it can't be proven votes were changed?

Bill Tozer

“There are so many quotes and implications that I cannot list them all. Mainly Trummp never once condemned or even questioned Putin on the indictments or in any way tried to hole the Russians responsible.”—-Pablo the Punch Drunk Popinjay

Wow. Pablo knows exactly what Trump said to Putin in their private 130 minute one on one meeting. Boy, we have our own fly on the Wall. Unless, Punchy had the room bugged. Details, I want more details of the private meeting. Went on much longer than Bubba and Loretta Lynch’s private tarmac meeting right before the charges against his wife Hillary were dropped. Details, Pablo, details! Tell us what was said.

Is it true that Trump tried to hole the Russians or was that he did not tried to hole the Russians responsible. Was that corn hole or missionary style?

Paul Emery

Scenes, did you read the indictments from the Grand Jury?


Punchy, did you read the indictments from the Grand Jury?

When will the trial be?

Oh, darn, that's right... they are being moved from the civilian track that leads to public trials to the spook track where it's all handled quiet-like without public disclosure.

Paul Emery

So the bottom line Gregory is that you don't believe the indictments by the Grand Jury are legitimate.


More wild inventions (inwentions as Crewman Chekov used to say on Star Trek) from Punchy.

What is an "illegitimate" Grand Jury indictment, Paulo. Can you point one out to me?

Even an indicted ham sandwich is innocent until proven guilty. Yes? No?

Paul Emery

YOu are the one questioning the indictments Gregory. You and the Russians. It's logical to conclude then that you consider them illegitimate (your wording).


Paul, please, a quote from where I "questioned" the indictments?

An indictment is a bringing of charges. I questioned when the trial will be... because until there is a trial, with expert testimony from both sides, there is no finding of fact.

A Grand Jury only gets one side and there is no rebuttal from the defense side. Which is why the belief in good district attorneys being able to indict a ham sandwich.

So, let's see a trial but... there won't be a trial. Even in the earlier case where one of the indicted responded wanting a speedy trial. Oooops.

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