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16 July 2018



@George1211,,, ‘’’'M' (1145am), who to this day remains astonished about the real import of this issue’’’,,,

No cigar! I remain astonished at the willingness of the deniers to bail for the ol’ Hillary red herring at any moment!!!

As pubbers like to say,,,re: Hillary,,,Get over it, she lost!!!

How long has it been now since the servers had the potential to be hacked before they were taken offline,,,three years???
Where is the evidence that anything on the drives was stolen, or used to the detriment of our national security???
The only reason to play the Hillary card is to avoid the issue at hand.
trumpski plays the Hillary card hoping nobody notices he wears no clothes!!!

The Hillary perp walk y’all have been fantasizing about would only serve to highjack the constant trumpski circus antics news cycle.


,,,pubbers et al who long for a good ol’ birther or other conspiracy are going to be drawn to mysteriously morphing rooski indictments like moths to a flame because if Hillary won’t do it, maybe the magical, mysteriously morphing DEEP STATE might work in a pinch!!!

,,,trumpski also likes to use this one to help prop up his little buddy Putin!!!

Bill Tozer

Where is the proof that the Russians stole the Wikileaks e-mails? Why has the scene of the crime (the server) never been investigated by the FBI? Why hasn’t Meuller or the FBI ever bothered to question the first known person to have the DNC e-mails, one Julian Assange? why, why, why, why, why,why,why, oh why why why, why, why,why, why, why,whywhy, why ,why, why,why, why, why,why?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How did those stolen e-mails make it to Wikileaks? Did the Russians or Pamela Anderson buy them off the Dark Web? All sorts of things were for sale there. Guccifer 2.0 even sold some stuff on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Why? Why has Julian Assange not be questioned. Why has that Russian Gal in the meeting with Jr. not ever been interviewed? She said they can interview her at any time. Why was the scene of the crime (the DNC server) never even looked at by the FBI???? Why no investigation?

Who stole the e-mails? Who? Who? Who?

Paul Emery

Did You read the indictment bill?

George Rebane

This is not a response to PaulE, because that conversation shows no promise of going anywhere. But I do want to point out that PaulE has not been able to point to a single Trump quote that substantiates his 1040am. Instead, he has gone double-lame to claim that there are just too many of them for him to single out any one. The poor man was overcome by just considering the magnitude of such an insurmountable problem.

But I do wonder, who on these pages would ever accept such a bullshit answer, itself buried in a heavy shower of new questions from him? I think this may really be the progressive debating process - answer a question with ten new ones to your counterpart, and hope the audience is too stupid to notice.

Paul Emery

So in your view George Trumps interaction with Putin was totally appropriate and was not in anyway disrespectful to Our department of justice or intelligence agencies.

Bill Tozer

(Big sigh). Yes, Pablo Punch Drunk Popinjay, I read them. And you said you read them also. But, did you gasp and understand what you read, or do you need your 30 news feeds to tell you the meaning of what you read?

A link. Kinda on topic, sorta of. From an extreme right wing rag called Salon.

"However, the president is in the historic predicament of standing on a stage next to a leader who many in the intelligence community believe, in the highest echelons, colluded with the president," Nunberg continued. "If the president said, yes, he did it, Mueller will say Trump aided and abetted after the fact and was part of the conspiracy."

Nunberg also defended Trump's distrust toward the leadership of America's intelligence community. "Frankly, why should the president trust -- not the rank and file of our intelligence and FBI -- but the highest echelons?" he asked. "Because no matter what this investigation -- whatever the findings are, [they] are still part of the [James] Comey poisonous tree." Nunberg says he believes leaders in law enforcement and intelligence agencies "were clearly out to get this guy out of office from the very beginning. You don't write those memos, you don't leak them to the press."

Nunberg admits, however, that Trump's remarks have muddied the issue: "The president is constitutionally incapable of differentiating between collusion and meddling."



,,,toes,,,you keep forgetting that rooskies meddled in our election. Assange and Gucci-fur are not US citizens. Gucci-fur was mentioned in connection with the indictments, was he not???

,,,we have 25 rooskies indicted,,,that means a grand jury said ‘’’go for it’’’ with each one. Maybe they don’t get prosecuted,,,but Feds must have some idea these are evil doers.

Unless, of course,,, it is a DEEP STATE conspiracy!!! And we know how trumpski and the birthers love a conspiracy, especially when it takes the heat off of them!!!

Paul Emery

George once again here is the quote I included earlier.

"“President Putin just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I don’t see any reason why it would be

Don Bessee

Why is it the same people who love socialism/communism the most are the most crazed when Tump is dealing with the old KGB hack? Putin said today he agreed to enforce the Israeli - Syrian 74 border deal along with the US. Trump is leading the fight to scuttle Nord stream 2 as it is now up for a full EU vote with Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Baltics etc all NO's and England yet to say but sounding like a NO. Then we take the business away from Putin and his treasury.

Then we have the same democrat socialism/communism lovers doing this;

He’ll stay overnight in a casa particular and return to Miami Tuesday.

But Richardson’s visit is also notable given that the seat he’s seeking is currently held by Ros-Lehtinen, who staunchly opposed Obama’s rapprochement with Raul Castro’s government and favored Trump’s decision to roll back some of those changes last year — a decision announced in Little Havana. Last week, Ros-Lehtinen was among seven members of Congress who urged Trump to indict Raul Castro for the 1996 shoot-down of two Miami rescue planes flying volunteer missions to spot Cuban rafters.




Don Bessee

Forgot this link above, wouldn't want to miss the po' ol' fakenewsman reading and weep right!




Almost, Punch 453pm... it's been cleared up.
“I don’t see any reason why it wouldn't be" is the correct phrase.

If Lucifer himself (stipulating the existence of the Prince of Darkness) broke into the DNC server via Podesta's failure to heed any safe computing standards, and made available files showing the outright failure of the DNC to hold to normal standards of honesty, I would read them and cite them.

If that's "meddling" or "interfering" in our elections, I'd counter that it's doing the jobs of the news media for them. If there was honest reporting it wouldn't have been a factor in the first place.


Brilliant idea #5060.

In order to make sure that the Russians don't meddle in the elections going forward, we need to really push for voter ID laws.


Here's a little pop quiz!

The Democratic National Committee is:
1) an arm of the US government,
2) a quasi-governmental election committee, or
3) a private corporation

The DNC and its counterparts like the RNC have an
1) integral
2) peripheral, or
3) non-existent
role in holding elections and tallying the results.

Que the Final Jeopardy! theme.

Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO. Funniest thing I read all day. I needed a good belly laugh. Check this out, deserves double quotes:

“”So in your view George Trumps interaction with Putin was totally appropriate and was not in anyway disrespectful to Our department of justice or intelligence agencies.””
Posted by: Punchy the Clown boner | 17 July 2018 at 04:35 PM

Spoken by the man who raged for years against W being a war criminal and receiving bogus intel from our lying intelligence agencies and fudging the truth. Where was the respect they deserved then? Ok, let’s all respect our fine top counter-Intelligence agent for texting that Trump supporters are ignorant hillbillies and smelly Wal-Mart shoppers, lol. He can smell then from here. Where is the deserved love and respect for Clapper and Brennan lying straight to Congress’s face? Hmmm. Or how about this one deserving our trust and respect: Rosenstein (and Punchy) telling us all that he cannot release certain information because it involves national security and might interfere with the Meuller investigation (not to mention revealing methods and means), only to find out the classified info was about Andrew McCabe buying a $70,000 table for his office. Lol.

Ok, how about the Associate Deputy Attorney General’s (4 doors down from the AG) wife working full time for Fusion GPS after the Dossier release and feeding more made up dirt to her husband, who in turn feed it straight to the FBI as intell? Hmmm. Oh, I will respect her in the morning, the check is in the mail, and the Mercedes is in the shop. Promise I will. Pinky Promise.

From Peter Strzok Congressional testimony’:
“And the suggestion that I, in some dark chamber somewhere in the FBI, would somehow cast aside all of these procedures, all of these safeguards, and somehow be able to do this is astounding to me. It simply couldn’t happen.”

“Yet Mr. Strzok conveniently omitted that these “safeguards” included the former FBI Director James Comey, the now-fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr and of course, the now-resigned FBI girlfriend-attorney Lisa Page. These people were the checks and balances to which Mr. Strzok alluded. This all suggests something rotten in the Counterintelligence Division.”

Never forget this name, dear readers. John Carlin, head of DOJ-NSA Division. Gone. Signed the FISA warrant and bailed. Former job was FBI Director Robert Meuller’s chief of staff. The DOJ-NSA is so secret that without his signature, certain high level FICA warrants cannot be processed or approved. Called the DOJ’s top lawyer in countersurvellance. Office also exempt from IG investigations. He bailed 2 weeks before the election. Signed and jumped ship. That is where Rosenstein moved the Russian 12 indictments. Yep, I will respect that guy in the morning as well.

Oh, let’s have more well deserved respect, shall we?

Mary McCord – Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division (replacing John Carlin) – announced resignation on April 17, 2017 – Left on May 11, 2017. Complicit in Flynn Surveillance and surveillance of Trump Campaign.
Bruce Ohr – Associate Deputy Attorney General – demoted twice. Stripped of Associate Deputy Attorney General title on December 6, 2017. Removed as head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force January 8, 2018. Unofficial liaison between Fusion GPS and FBI/DOJ. Wife worked at Fusion. Long-standing ties to both Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS.
David Laufman – DOJ National Security Division, Deputy Asst. Attorney General in charge of counterintelligence – resigned on February 7, 2018. Laufman “played a leading role in the Clinton email server and Russian hacking investigations.”
Rachel Brand – Associate Attorney General – number three official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein – resigned February 9, 2018. Takes top legal position at Walmart. Brand “played a critical role in Congress’ re-authorization” of section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

James Comey – FBI Director – fired May 9, 2017. Oversaw all FBI operations – including exoneration of Clinton and Trump-Russia Investigation. Reported to AG Lynch.
Peter Strzok – Deputy Assistant Director of FBI’s Counterintelligence – forced off Mueller’s team – demoted August 16, 2017 to FBI’s Human Resources. IG Horowitz discovered texts July 27, 2017. Strzok involved in all facets of Clinton exoneration. Working member of “Insurance Policy” group.
Lisa Page – FBI/DOJ Lawyer – forced off Mueller’s team – demoted August 16, 2017 to parts unknown. IG Horowitz discovered texts July 27, 2017. Working member of “Insurance Policy” group.
James Baker – FBI General Counsel – demoted and reassigned on December 20, 2017. Working member of “Insurance Policy” group. Senior-most legal counsel at FBI.
James Rybicki – Chief of Staff to FBI Director James Comey & successor Chris Wray – resigned/forced out January 23, 2018. Working member of “Insurance Policy” group.
Andrew McCabe – Deputy FBI Director – on December 23, 2017 announced retirement effective March 22, 2018. Forced to resign on January 29, 2018. Involved in all aspects. Reported to Comey.
Josh Campbell – Special Assistant to James Comey – resigned on February 2, 2018. Writes op-ed in New York Times on why he is leaving but does not disclose in op-ed that he was Special Assistant to Comey – or that he had been offered lucrative CNN job. Takes job with CNN on February 5, 2018.
Michael Kortan – FBI Asst. Director Public Affairs – resigned on February 8, 2018 – effective February 15, 2018. Kortan served as assistant director for public affairs, an influential job that controlled media access.
Bill Priestap – Assistant Director – Head of FBI Counterintelligence – Holds same position. Strzok’s boss – reported directly to McCabe.

And the ones that are still there are scary. Hairy scary, like Jim Baker.


So Punch about that WSJ piece on 🇮🇶 Iraq....It appears as though you have no comment!?

Paul Emery

Gregory 5:24

I can't believe you actually accept Trumps lame excuse about what he "really meant". Unbelievable


Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 17 July 2018 at 03:29 PM

Sorry dugski ......if you want an ambitious, drunken, menopausal “woman” to dominate you as you mince about in a soiled didee you’re going to pay for it yourself not stick the taxpayers with the bill!


Whether I accept it or not, Punch 605pm, it's what the man said.

Now, how about you answer the quiz at 546pm?

Bill Tozer

Gregory, some liwould call the DNC basically a fund raising organization. But you brought up a good point.
I find it curious that the deep seated bias, dishonesty, underhanded dealings, and corruption at the DNC with its collusion with the Clinton Campaign to destroy Bernie’s campaign and its collusion with the media among its many sins does not get all those who are concerned about honestly, truthfulness, and The American Way all up in arms and demand the whole organization be burnt to the ground and rebuilt anew. Where were all the reporters seeking the truth and standing up against the backroom cigar chomping bosses pulling the strings in that wretched den of thieves known as the DNC? Where were the truth seekers? Where was the 24/7 outrage against the snake pit??


Resolved Walt.....as he is unable or unwilling to respond Punch forfeits your earlier point!


Those with the gold make the rules and for the 2016 election coronation cycle, it was Clinton's money that was running the DNC.

Bill Tozer

A bone for Punchy

Advice: “[Vladimir] Putin knew exactly what he was doing, was always in control, and never said anything to undercut his own country [during yesterday’s confab]. In this sense, if no other, Trump should take notes from the man he refuses to criticize.” —Rich Lowry (a Nevertrumper)

Braying Jackass: “Every single day, I find myself asking: what do the Russians have on [Donald Trump] personally, financially, & politically? The answer to that question is that only thing that explains his behavior & his refusal to stand up to Putin.” — Pablo Pelosi

Don Bessee

Oh my, the haters like cockroaches don't want the cleansing sunlight to expose their conspiracies!



George Rebane

Re Trump's correction of his double negative. I'll take the man at his word, as opposed to those who refuse to forgive any man's malapropos, even after a public correction has been offered.

As with Obama's red line and the Syrians' subsequent response, I'm willing to withhold my judgment about the Trump/Putin summit until after we see Putin's response, and not the pre-canned response of our leftwing press and Fifth Column.



BTW the answers were both #3

Paul Emery

I agree Gregory. Both answers #3


I am happy you agree, Paul.

So, the Russkie attack on our country was breaking into a computer network owned and operated by a private company who didn't bother locking their front door, and they didn't break anything going in or out.

Paul Emery


Would you give Hillary or Obama the same slack you gave Trump when you accepted his desperate explanation of his "grammar" error? Knowing you, I have a hard time believing you really believe that but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Quite astounding actually.


As kind of a thought experiment, I was considering just what Putin will demand from Trump. Let's say that there's a movie, shown nightly at the Lubyanka to much hilarity, of Trump celebrating his huge Russian real estate loan with a Moscow orgy consisting of an underage ungulate, a 300 pound babushka, and the crack KVMR news team.

Possible demands? The US not invading Syria perhaps? No huge ABM system installed in Belarus? We don't pressure the Germans to avoid buying Russian gas?

Heck, I'd give it to them for free.

It's interesting to consider that most of what drives Russian foreign policy is the result of (probably) the largest treaty betrayal in the post-War period, the expansion of NATO after German reunification.

Don Bessee

Well at least one of the death eaters unmasked -


No one should use the name of the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land until the solicits.



"I have a hard time believing you really believe that but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Quite astounding actually."

You are astounded by the most common of things, Paul. That someone of Trump's caliber could, speaking extemporaneously, screw up a double negative sentence construct on the fly... well, that's unheard of in your world.

Bill Tozer

Well, let’s see where we go from here. I’ll conclude with the strongest statements from Trump at Helsinki. The ones you will never hear from the MSM. No use getting wasting more time trying to appease the manbun freaky people on the Left.

“As president, I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics or the media, or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct. Constructive dialogue between the United States and Russia affords the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace and stability in our world. I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. As president, I will always put [first] what is best for America and what is best for the American people.”


And once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.



Todd Juvinall

Well, Trump chastised Germany for the pipeline deal with Putin. Now the press loves Merkel and she is colluding with Putin and Russia and almost becomes a vassal state. Trump wants to sell out LNG to the EU so Putin gets th shaft. If that is colluding then unicorns are alive here in Nevada County.


re: The EU and Russian gas.

The current Green Libertarian screeching about Trump claiming that Germany is captive to Russian energy supplies is absolutely hilarious. You can't take these people seriously.

Just a while ago




Hey, I've got an idea. Let's load up on US ground troops in NATO and push on the Russians really hard in every way possible. The 17 intelligence agencies will get a boost in funding (although they would never ever consider 'hacking' Russian computers), it gets really cold in European homes, hilarity ensues.


George 930pm -
‘’’Re Trump's correction of his double negative. I'll take the man at his word’’’

Wow, you really can fool some of the people all of the time!!!

Here are some graphs and statistical analysis on trumpski’s lies,,,



PaulE: "Would you give Hillary or Obama the same slack you gave Trump when you accepted his desperate explanation of his "grammar" error? "

I am mostly highly amused by the way she keeps falling over. There must be something in the ground that blocks her ability to levitate using her Cthulhu powers. There's probably a drinking game out there based on 'Collapsing Hillary'. Given the amount of evil in that woman (spend a weekend reading Clinton biographies sometime), the US dodged a bullet here.

Obama does have that folksy way with words, though. Gotta hand it to him (or whoever wrote 99% of what he ever said).


While I was never particularly mad at Obama, it's obvious what a stuffed shirt he was. He was neither a serious thinker or a git 'er done sort of person, just a talking head. Admittedly it was a talking head with some goals that favor the collapse of Western civilization, but he was an ineffective man so it could have been worse.

You're lucky you didn't vote for him the second time as it might require actually defending a position.


Posted by: ’’’M’’’ | 18 July 2018 at 07:37 AM

Wow, you really can fool some of the people all of the time!!!

6 1/2 more years dugski!


Posted by: scenes | 18 July 2018 at 07:48 AM

You're lucky you didn't vote for him the second time as it might require actually defending a position.

I think our lil Punchy is a believer in the the Scott Adams/Dilbert dictum, “Never be in the same room as a decision.”


re: Fish@7:58AM

To be fair, it might be a behavior learned from some years as a radio interviewer. You pretend to be an unbiased host, throw softballs at those you like and 'gotcha' questions at those you don't. It's rare to hear someone in that position really excel at drawing information out of a guest, the temptation to play sycophant or interrogator is just too great.


,,,fishy, your ilk are fast becoming a laughingstock,,,6.5 years,,,get used to it!!!


Posted by: scenes | 18 July 2018 at 08:08 AM

You pretend to be an unbiased host, throw softballs at those you like and 'gotcha' questions at those you don't

Yes....that does sound like our Punchy!

It's rare to hear someone in that position really excel at drawing information out of a guest, the temptation to play sycophant or interrogator is just too great.

This too sounds familiar!


TDS sets in again!
"“I’m calling for a hearing with the U.S. interpreter who was present during President Trump’s meeting with Putin to uncover what they discussed privately. This interpreter can help determine what @POTUS shared/promised Putin on our behalf,” Ms. Shaheen, New Hampshire Democrat, wrote Tuesday on Twitter."

Where were the demands for hearings when "O" "could have more flexibility after his re-election." ?
No,, that was fine with the Russian loving Left back then.


Posted by: '''M''' | 18 July 2018 at 08:15 AM

,,,fishy, your ilk are fast becoming a laughingstock,,,6.5 years,,,get used to it!!!

Yeah.....because if there is one thing that worries me it’s what you 60’s retreads think about me😜!



,,,fishy aka Trump Youth, not me, the whole world laughs at you!!!

Bill Tozer

I agree that the indictments are bull pucky. Might as well indict people in the grave yard. There will be no trial, by design. I also believe that Comey and Brennan have done more to damage the reputation of the FBI and our Intel agencies than any other persons in our nation’s history. Totally tarnished, nay, trashed the reputation and trustworthyness of our Intel and federal law enforcement agencies for decades to come.

The Russians meddled which is a no brainer. The Russians hacked is a whole different ball of wax. I cannot get over the fact that the FBI did not take the chain of custody of the DNC server considering such a monumental charge against a foreign power. Unbelievable. That really sticks out and jumps off the page, and is the crux of the topic about indictments. Absolutely an fact finding abortion led by Comey without any discernible investigative curiosity . It appears to be a purposeful sabotage of any desire to take the chain of custody of the server or even push to discover the forenstic evidence. Imagine if this was a possible murder case to find out the cause of death and not doing an autopsy.

The other thing that shakes our trust in our Intel agencies is the comments and actions by former CIA Chief Brennan. Today Brennan calling on the CIA and others to go rogue and not give the President the intelligence necessary to make informed decisions on tough calls. He is calling for the CIA to damage our country. That borders on treason, absconsion of duty and the abolishment of the chain of command, advocating to usurpt the very foundations of our Republic, becoming a law unto themselves.

Imagine Brennan and Comey and other top officials going to work everyday hating on private citizen Trump, loving on HIllary, and circulating a discredited Dossier around to thwart the election of one candidate and boost the candidacy of another candidate...who happened to pay a third party to pay Russians for unverifiable claims. Money talks and Hillary paid the Russians via Fusion GPS. Cash from HRC to the Russian sources and then turnaround and accuse the other candidate of colluding with Russians, lol.

No, the damage has been done. It will take decades to recover from what the Obama Administration’s operatives have done to demolish what faith the America people have put in our top officials who serve our nation.

Brennan will go down in history as the worse and lawless CIA Director in our history. Calling for the agents to go rogue is against the separation of powers , the Constitution, and the very foundations of our Republic. The same will be said of the fired former FBI Director.

Trump is an existential threat to The Poison Tree. It’s been a anti-Trump conspiracy at the highest levels. And yet, nobody has connected anything to Donald Trump. Liars, leakers, and liberals. Hmmm. Brennan indeed voted for a communist for President of the United States and has not changed a bit. Globalization is a multi-trillion dollar business. The indictments are small potatoes compared to the real treson doing on.

Keeps me the heebie-jeebies just thinking that Brennan was listening in to every call we made, reading every e-mail we sent, and spying on every US citizen. And he lied to Congress about it all.
We know Peter Strzok had those missing 30,000 Hillary e-mails for a year. The 30,000 e-mails (all but four) went to a entity but NOT Russia, per what was revealed by questioning of Peter from the IG report. All but four of the 30,000 e-mails went to a foreign entity, but not Russia. The CIA though they had a mole in their midst because agents where getting whacked in China.

The Meuller investigation is necessary, albeit is bull pucky and just going through the anti-Trump motions. I would hazard to guess that Putin asked Trump about the missing servers, Hillary’s server, and Peter S. in their one in one.before appearing at the presser.

Paul Emery


Have you ever heard any of my KVMR interviews or attended a town hall meeting that I moderated or attended an election forum in which I was a panelist?

George Rebane

BillT 925am - Mr Tozer, thank you for bringing us back on topic. For the rest, please note that I did finally get off my butt, with some help, and put out a new sandbox.


"Today Brennan calling on the CIA and others to go rogue and not give the President the intelligence necessary to make informed decisions on tough calls. He is calling for the CIA to damage our country. That borders on treason, absconsion of duty and the abolishment of the chain of command, advocating to usurpt the very foundations of our Republic, becoming a law unto themselves."

Toes, the word is "sedition":
conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

George Rebane

Gregory 933am - Agreed.



Why, yes. I admit that you aren't as horrid on the radio as you are here, but I'll stick to my idea of sycophant vs interrogator, it would be impossible to avoid. Of course, we just see the interrogator on this blog.

Sadly, KVMR is the strongest station I can pick up in my garage, so I get treated to a lot of Hawaiian music, silly non-traditional native American tunes, and NC City Councilwomen opining on chemtrails and the evils of WIFI.

Probably the largest problem with local talent generally is how little they know about the things they talk about once it expands beyond the local music 'scene' and area politics. It's a big world out there and takes hard work to even scratch the surface of.


BillT: "The Russians hacked is a whole different ball of wax."

I don't doubt that the Russians got into these various systems. Judging from the papers written by civilian computer security organizations (and then picked up by the .gov as if it were original work), the exploits were mostly trivial and it's likely that the DNC and HRC systems ended up in a similar state to that high school cheerleader who was popular with the football team.

Wanna change the world in a good way? Take about 80% of the NSA money (and computer budgets from the other 16 agencies), and work at making US systems secure. It's only going to get worse.

The problem is that the Deep State (a catchy name for the entrenched bureaucracy) is *far* more interested in spying on it's own citizens than in protecting them.

Paul Emery

Trump did it again!!! Unbelievable. This guy is a total idiot

From about a half hour ago

"Asked on Wednesday if Russia was still targeting the United States, Trump said, "No."

This is contrary to the findings of his own intelligence community. This begs a question. How does he know that? Did he make a deal with Putin? why should we believe a word Putin says and does Trump believe him enough to make that statement? Where did he get the information that the Russians are no longer targeting the U.S. ?
Obviously not from his own intel groups.


,,,Greg 930 - your ilk won’t admit that trumpski just colluded with Puti in Helsinki, so...


"You have groups that are wondering why the FBI never took the server -- haven't they taken the server. Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee? I've been wondering that, I've been asking that for months and months and I've been tweeting it out and calling it out on social media. Where is the server? I want to know where is the server and what is the server saying?

,,,really trumpski, yes wacky doodle conspiracy freaks are wondering about the server,,,make for good late night what ifs,,,

,,,just more bullshit from POTUS!!! His chiefs of intelligence have been trying to explain it to DUFUS,,,but he owns the meathead base and Puti the election so he claims ignorance - ignorance, that I do believe!!!

Paul Emery

Thanks for the compliment Scenes. I take great pride on my craft of being a radio journalist.


,,,Politifact calls BS on trumpski,,,but his base is so warm and cozy in the pile of BS they won’t say a peep!!!


Bill Tozer

Lets briefly look at the indictments and scandals bringing us to where we are today.

1) Russian bots and social media ads were solved by Zuckenberg, not the FBI.

2) The Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer. Obliviously a set up, but who did the set-up? The Russians do those types of things, but it turned out to be a nothingburger after the full texts of the e-mails (not the sound bites on TV from MSM) verifies no Collusion. Not solved by FBI or FICA.

3) Fusion GPS and the Dossier: Can be tracked directly back to the Democrats. Dirty tricks, not that unusual. Solved by investigative reporting, not the FBI.

4) Debbie Wasserman Shultz and the missing Democrat Caucus Congressional Server. Not solved by Justice or NSA. Needs separate post to get into all of it. Highlights include the House IG discovering files from 40 Dem Congressperson’s computers leaving the server, traces it back to one server, issues warning, server physically disappears within two days and another bogus server put in its place. Files accessed from Pakistan, IT guy (Awan) hired with background check waived, paid his family members 3x the rate of seasoned Congressional IT guys (none with cyperscurity experience), including one family member who worked at MacDonalds. All background checks waived.
Dems and Shultz tried to prevent Capital Police from looking at her laptop, which was taken from her office at midnight and left in a corner phonebooth cubby with a note that said “Attorney-client priviledge”. Threatened Capital Police funding if they looked at laptop and not return it ASAP. When showed the laptop after demanding it’s return, Debbie denies ever seeing her laptop before even thought it was marked DWS Awan arrested at airport trying to flee country after liquidating his assets. In jail for bank fraud, missing server not solved by DOJ to this day.

5) Hillary’s private server for her government work hacked. 30,000 missing e-mails found, all but 4 went to a forgein entity, but NOT Russia per IG report. Within the two year period following the hack. 20 CIA agents in China were either whacked or caught. Case remains unsolved by counter-intelligence.

6) So, which one did our FBI solve? It’s in the indictments!!! Wikileaks, DC Leaks, and entity known as Guccifer 2.0. Good investigative work on its face.
NSA/Meuller fingers 16 GRU (Russian) Intel agents, of which some are here in the USA. We get into their bank and hack into their Bit Coin Wallet (and they said it can’t be done), then hack into the VPN they set up (and they say it’s invisible) to get into Dark Web and traces it to Malaysia server where, lo and behold, is where they find Wikileaks, DC Leaks, and Guccifer. Either great detective work with new technology I am unaware of, or we were lied to when the NSA said it cannot be done. Kinda scared now that we know there is no place on Earth to hide. Nowhere.

Anyway, of all the Trump Collusion scandals and narratives, the only one solve by our DOJ and Intell so far has been the one involving Russia. Still no collusion.


Looking for the "compliment" Paul detected from scenes... was it this?:
"I admit that you aren't as horrid on the radio as you are here, but I'll stick to my idea of sycophant vs interrogator, it would be impossible to avoid. Of course, we just see the interrogator on this blog."

That's a use of the word "complement" of which I was previously unaware.

Bill Tozer

Punchy sez

“Trump did it again!!! Unbelievable. This guy is a total idiot

From about a half hour ago

"Asked on Wednesday if Russia was still targeting the United States, Trump said, "No.".
Hair on fire!! Read Punchy read. Read the black letters on the page, not the white space. Is Russia still targeting the USA? No. Not since Trump had his private chat with Putin. What a dufus, what an ignoramus. .

And if you read more than soundbites, Trump all day yesterday and this morning has repeatedly said Russia AND others. And others, but I digress. We must not look there, only at the Rooskies.

“Is” is present tense, is it not? Unless you want to pull a Bubba and play the game of depending on what your definition of “is” is, lol.

About indictments, written before Helsinki. Too bad Trump tries to separate Russian meddling with Russian Collusion. That false charge of Collusion really gets under Trump’s skin. Nobody likes to be falsely accused. Bearing falsewitness breaks one of the Ten Commandments. Anyway, what the NYT hears and what was actually said are two different things. It must be contagious judging by our local news director.


Paul Emery

Bill writes:

"Is Russia still targeting the USA? No. Not since Trump had his private chat with Putin."

You mean since Monday Bill? How do you know that ? Did Trump make a "deal" with Putin and what was the deal.?

Paul Emery

Sarah H is an hour late for her Press Conference. They are scrambling for sure.

Don Bessee




Todd Juvinall

Trump is making the left fo nutty. Love it!

Paul Emery

George write about the timing of the indictments:

"There must be some reasonable explanation for all this, which from my perch appears as utter bullshit - including the timing of the announcement of the latest indictments. "

Here's the truth in that matter-Trump was given a choice in when the indictments were to be released

"Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein took the extraordinary step of consulting President Trump about the timing of the latest batch of criminal indictments in the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, Bloomberg reports. Rosenstein, who is heading the investigation at the Department of Justice, allowed Trump to choose the timing of the indictments—before or after the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin. On Friday, Mueller issued indictments of 12 Russian intelligence officers for their role in the hack of DNC emails.

The coordination would, of course, be highly improper in most circumstances, but, according to Bloomberg, Rosenstein, citing national security considerations, decided to inform the White House of the coming indictments and allow the administration to influence the timing of their release. "


Bill Tozer

Punchy sez:

“You mean since Monday Bill? How do you know that ? Did Trump make a "deal" with Putin and what was the deal.?”

Well, news director, that is secret decoder ring stuff. Sorry, can’t tell you. Did Russia hack your computer and have all of KVRM’s circuity start smoking and self destruction yet? Hmmm? Just wait a few. Happy 40 year birthday, KVMR!! Surprise, surprise

Trump did give us Putin Cuddlers a bit of leeway for have some mischievous deplorable fun. He’s a one funny guy, a man of the people.


Todd Juvinall

I suggest that Obama and his administration should be tried for treason as he let the Russians meddle.

Sara is kicking the lames asses right now. Love it.

Don Bessee

Was it something he didn't do, like stop the Russians when he knew what they were up to in 2016?



Todd Juvinall

Sarah clarified Paul Emery's alleged interpretation of Trump's NO this morning. She said after the babe asked the question he said No more questions. Now we see how they parse things.

Todd Juvinall

Here is the most recent democrat sex scandal.


Bill Tozer

Todd @ 12:04
Lol. I know, but refrained from jumping in and putting out the fire In Punch Drunk Rummy’s ponytail. Too funny. Everything is The Sky is Falling, hit the panic button and move to Canada.
That boy should put his hair up in a manbun and take a chill pill or else his ticker will give out. Mass hysteria is interesting to witness, yet like all good things, it can be overdone and grow boring, if not wearisome. They seem to take a good thing and beat it into the ground over and over again until it’s dead. No moderation. Quite the disturbing self destructive phenomenon to gaze upon. Kinda creepy. Gotta feel sorry for them with their obsessive afflictions driving them to madness. But, what can we do but stand back and observe one of life’s nastier lessons. They are beyond human aide. Boy, the human business is an ugly business.

What’s that sound I hear??? Sounds like the sound of pounding nails.




Man, all these indictments and Meuller stuff and hacking and dead bodies all happened under Comey and Brennan and Clapper and Susan Rice and Obama’s watch. Trump will do what he can to repair the damage he inherited. Godspeed, President Trump.

Todd Juvinall

BillT, yeah he needs a chill pill. If you listen to the press idiots shouting their questions over each other this morning a rational person would ask, which question is he answering if he is? But of course they ran with their "made-up" BS.

Don Bessee

Interesting -

Even before they decided to go on hating the president, I disliked these people because they wanted to grab up so much power and use it against the American people.”

Don Bessee

Hmmm not sure what happened there, must be Russian bots.




I second TJ's denunciation of Punchy's wolf cry this morning.

"Asked on Wednesday if Russia was still targeting the United States, Trump said, "No."

Dare I say it? This appears to be "fake news". Or at least faked news.

Robert Cross

Why did White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claim Trump was saying “no” to taking more questions ― not responding to the reporter’s question about Russia. But video shows that Trump continued to take questions after appearing to answer the inquiry about Russia. Why is trump throwing all of the intelligence communities and the FBI under the bus; they all can't be wrong? Answer: to save his own sleazy lying ass at the expense of the country. The uber wealthy owe no allegiance to any country except the one that will give them the best deal for now.


Thanks, bobby.

Bill Tozer

Thanks Bobbie. From the Sandbox.

“Here is the meeting video from this morning. Go to the last minute or so and listen to the President. No wet dreams for democrats that I can see.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 18 July 2018 at 12:33 PM”

I went to the last minute as Todd instructed. Todd 1, Bobbie 0. Bobbie wins the class warfare game hands down and a participation trophy.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC did not watch the CSPAN coverage of this morning so he just makes it up.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. I know, I know. The topic is the Meuller indictments. Sorry Dr. Rebane.

I report, you decide. Fakenews? Could be. Time will tell.


Must not look this way!!! It’s a diversion!! Ok, whatever you say Leftinistas, whatever you say. It has nothing to do with Meuller indictments. Me so bad.




lol, What!?



,,,scenes and toes,,,what a pair!!! pubber porn site Last American Patriot and True Pundit,,,are these trumpski approved '''real news''' sites???

re: From Lisa Page article in truepundit,,,by, get this, Investigative Bureau,,, ohhh, they sound serious!!!

"The Russians didn’t do it. The Chinese did, according to well-placed FBI sources."

You can take this to the bank,,,and get arrested for passing counterfeit bills!!!


On to more serious subjects,,,why is trumpski dissing Magically Mysterious Montenego???

First he shoves the Prime Minister at last year's NATO summit.
Now that Montenegro is in NATO he continues to bash them.

Looks like the trumpski is doing more of Putin's bidding because, from Wiki, '''In June 2017, Montenegro formally became a member of NATO, an eventuality that had been supported and opposed by approximately same share of the country′s population[33] and had triggered a promise of retaliatory actions on the part of Russia′s government'''

Is this the kind of thing Puti and trumpski talk about when they are '''alone together'''???

Does trumpski want the US to dump NATO and join some sort of Russian Axis???

Bill Tozer

Missy M

Time will tell, M, time will tell. The IRS has been cutting checks in settlements to some of them non-profit neanderthals types. Repriations. Guess we called that one right, among others. All others. And those KIAs from N. Korea will be returned and the Wall will be built. And, of course, the VA Hospital Union prunes are up in arms that Trump easied up a tiny bit on making it less impossible to fire some worthless chair warmers...strike that, potentially fatal to some of our vets worthless and harmful soulless types. That’s a tough one to clean out. Think the Union has it tied up in Fed court. Meanwhile, behind the curtain, the Grand Wizard has erased hundreds of regulations, hundreds upon hundreds. Never sleeps I reckon. Man, he needs a nice vacation.

We have been here many times before. Don’t know how, but Trump is going get out of this. Always does. Not that Trump didn’t get caught up and stumbled in Helsinki of all places, but Trump’s best asset is his revulsion at the special interests. the smelly handshakes, the Swamp, the media, and those in his own Party that were and are hell bent for leather to drive him from office now.. Like, when already! Chop, chop people.

Time will tell, M, time will tell. And nothing will come out of the Summit in the months ahead, maybe, maybe not. Much ado about nuthin’, honey.



"Time will tell, M, time will tell."

No doubt. Even if true, you'll probably never hear about it.

In other news:


"For the people" lol. I think I'm getting a thrill up my leg.

Hopefully these guys never try to sell soap.

Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

Oh, M. One last kiss

And the reason all of them from the Establishment to Soros to the EU to Infinity and Beyond Washington is because nobody owns Trump, nobody. Not his advisers, not the R’s, not K Street, not the men behind the curtains doing the puppet show you watch. Nobody. You, me, we, they never had anyone that only a vow to the Constitution owns.

Yep, he played nice and told NATO that maybe our banks or government can arrange some loans so they can buy some of that Made in the USA fine military hardware...jets, subs, you name it. He told them that they won’t want that European junk, our stuff is the best. That be Trump.......

And to think the Left created a big hole for Trump to waltz right on in. I could say, “You did not guilt that”, but that would be a lie. You guys built it and it is why it is in the White House. doing what it does.
Keep doing what you have been doing, ‘cept kindly kick it up a couple of notches, will ya? Tanks. Tanks a lot. Oh yeah, indictments. Yawn. Wake me up when that one is over.

Don Bessee

Well now this does not fit the narrative at all does it!

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with Mr. Trump last week and offered him the choice of announcing the indictments before or after his Monday summit with Mr. Putin in Helsinki, according to a report by Bloomberg. Mr. Trump chose to announce the indictments ahead of the meeting because he thought it would give him strength negotiating with Mr. Putin, the story said.



Paul Emery

Thanks for re posting that Don. That was for those, George included that objected to the indictments being released right before the meeting with Putin.

George Rebane

Didn't know about the timing of the release when I "objected" (actually criticized). But now that we know Trump selected the release date, all I can say is that I hope he put that information to good use in the 1-on-1 meeting.

It seems to me that the proof of Trump's performance is in the subsequent behavior of Russia and the relationship that comes out of this meeting. Lesser lights think that the proof of Trump's performance is determined entirely by the amount of snark and vitriol they are able to immediately dump on him.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 18 July 2018 at 01:17 PM

.....thanks bobby.

Don Bessee

Don't try and claim it has anything to help your delusional narratives ya po' ol' faknewsman. That was for you to show there is a grand game in play. Waaaay out of a po' ol' putin party parrots league when it comes to comprehension. Squawk goes the party parrot!



George 602,,,not sure to whom you refer but I follow the President's example (((because we should all strive to behave in a Presidential manner))) and we know he never resorts to snark, vitriol, lying, or name calling does he??? What a hoot!!!

Paul emery

More words of wisdom From hose-man Bresee


Now what were they saying about our intelligence folks? What they are saying about Putin and the Ruskies? Today they can do no wrong.
BUT!!,,,,, Remember this?


George 602,,,not sure to whom you refer but I follow the President's example (((because we should all strive to behave in a Presidential manner))) and we know he never resorts to snark, vitriol, lying, or name calling does he??? What a hoot!!!

Yeah.....dugski is a moral exemplar.....!

SF Mayor: 'There's More Feces ... Than I've Ever Seen'



Posted by: Paul emery | 18 July 2018 at 06:31 PM

Jeez Punch....you’re starting to sound as addled as Pelosi!

Don Bessee

Starting @ 642 Fish. ;-)

Don Bessee

Has my hottie been bragging again @ 631? ;-)

Paul Emery

Re Bessee 7:05
You obviously don't have a "hottie " or you wouldn't, be saying that

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