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08 September 2018


Don Bessee

Dr. R, I would submit that tonight we both saw a couple of young powerhouses, the Davis student body prez and the head of the Davis republicans. In the trenches every day standing for the truth. As long as we keep generating guys like that there is still lots of hope for our futures!


George Rebane

DonB 1052pm - Agreed.


Don@10:52 PM. Congratulations on getting the ball rolling on the donations to support the work of these fine young Republicans. The Rebane's commitment to match the funds collected from the Republican's enjoying Annual BBQ provided some awesome energy to the event. Let's hope that Nevada County set the standard, and other County Republican Groups support University Republican Organizations. Think of the impact we could have if County Republican Organizations adopted a University Republican Organization and invited them to speak at annual events, creating a generational communication path to the future. What Nevada County Republican's did last night could have far-reaching impacts. Well Done!


,,,Good luck explaining Kagan to The Idiot in the White House and his meathead base.

Fortunately we have '''anonymous''' to help us out.


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