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29 November 2007


mike mcdaniel

Good post. I think it will go something more like "ya want fries to, dude"

George Rebane

[The following was received in an email from James R. ('Dick') Dickenson re this post and is included here by permission. A resident of Maryland, Dick is a former Marine, an eminent nationally-known journalist, commentator, and author. He is recently retired from The Washington Post as that paper's political editor. I am privileged to count Dick, a self-declared New Deal Democrat, as my friend and correspondent on a wide variety of national and international issues. For more, please google 'James R. Dickenson'.]

Yes, this is a very depressing prospect. It may well be that reform should start with the public schools as the report suggests but I think it begins at home. I've lived in various parts of the country and the public schools function very well in communities where the parents are involved. Here in Montgomery County our public schools are very good because we parents were/are involved. We have 23 medium-sized public high schools and just a handful of private high schools, mostly religious based; only one is of the size as the public schools, the Catholic Good Counsel. This is also true in the northern Virginia suburbs; most private schools in this area are in the District, which has abominable public schools, and most of them are religious, Catholic and Episcopal primarily. The same is true in Marin County where our grandson is in public high school, taking the Advanced Placement curriculum. Marin County also has few private high schools--Marin Catholic is the only one I can think of.

However this may be, this is a truly depressing prospect and not just for linear, print-oriented people like us.

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