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16 November 2007


Phil Homme

George, you posted a question in your previous blog regarding Dixie Redfearn's disappearance from the Union some several weeks ago. I never saw any follow-ups and have been wondering what the heck happened. Did you ever learn anything?

- Phil

George Rebane

Dixie has become a radio personality on KNCO where she broadcasts news and special features. Clearly her departure from The Union was not all sweetness and light. The details are hers to tell.


George Rebane

This is a test link to SESF click here to see if it works.

patrick Tobin

Alls well that ends well testing testing can you hear me in the back of the room see me after class.

George Rebane

Well, I see that my pal Pat is keeping a sharp eye on me while I have my feet sticking out from under the hood of this blog's innards. The problem I have just solved is how to use this vanilla comment box to actually accept hyperlinks when you either type in here directly or paste stuff from a Windows .txt file.

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