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13 December 2007


bill tozer

George, agree with many of your posts. First, the editor of The Union appears to be gleefully on a witch hunt lately, pointing out typos in varies blogs and rather sinister. I no longer comment on Jeff's opinions to avoid incurring wrath. Call me a coward but it is his paper, not mine. Second, concerning the subprime mess there is an interesting bill working through Congress intended to regulate lenders. But, with the law on unintended consequences working so well, this bill, if passed, will tightened the screws so much that only folks with great credit, large down payments, financially secure concerning all expected expenses, etc. will be able to get into their first or new home. Reference: The Mortgage Reform and Predatory Lending Act of 2007 (HR 3915)

George Rebane

Thank you Bill. I'm saddened that you, as many in Nevada County, also feel The Union is "his paper, not mine." All of us want to feel that it is our newspaper. I believe Jeff Ackerman has the ability to make it our newspaper again if he so desires. I look forward to your future visits and comments. gjr

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