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12 December 2007


Mikey McD

Check out the account of subsidy situation (history of and contemporary state of) in "Omnivore's Dilemma" (http://www.michaelpollan.com/omnivore.php) and the frustration on behalf of farmers in "Harvest of Rage" (http://www.amazon.com/Harvest-Rage-Oklahoma-City-Beginning/dp/0813332931) Thanks for the thoughts.

Greg Zaller

I'm new to blogs.

This talk about the economics of biofuels sounds like the intelligentcia ruminating about who is going to pay for the emperor's new clothes. My reading is that present biofuel methods are a net loss of nonrenewable energy as well as a lot of other "bad" things. Simply, it's a silly selfish assault on Gaia resulting in starvation and the squandering of resources. Poor people will suffer a tortuous death for a useless bow to the god of materialism. I think a simpler lifestyle is a better solution but haven't really figured out how to do that.

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