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15 December 2007



You are right about companies that depend on grants, when the grants stop coming the company goes bust. Show me a company that was started on grant dollars and went on to be a self sustaining company in Nevada County. If Jeff is talking about green manufacturing, we have lost some green companies already due to the transportation costs in hauling in raw materials and the finished products out. They moved closer to I-80 and rail access in Roseville. Green companies that do not make products, but only do design work, do not produce much tax revenue. Especially if the product are produced off shore. I will be writing about some of the other issue in Jeff's article at NC Media Watch.

George Rebane

Russ, I meant that 'green companies', in addition to those getting grants, would be put at risk by the feds' playing with the market. Such companies may be second tier firms who just supply or co-serve the market with companies receiving grants. They too would be affected when the plug is pulled or re-arranged. gjr

Jeff Pelline

Let's not let ideology color our analysis. We can create sustainable green jobs with the grant money, demand from consumers for the products, and education to train the people in "green collar" jobs. The grant money will be around for a long time, too — oil prices aren't going lower. As far as demand, marketing studies also show that people here are "keen on green." The transportation problem is an issue for all companies here — not just green ones. We have to ask the same question about transportation policy that we are asking about economic development. Are we providing effective public and private leadership? Are we implementing the right policy? Are we showing the proper sense of urgency?

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