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05 December 2007



George, What is also interesting about audits and the BriarPatch is that, according to The Union's Report, the BrairPatch has never had an independent audit in 31 years. Arthur Katz, a board member said that an independent audit needs to be performed this year or next. Managers say that an audit performed now is premature, now apparently meaning this year or next because Katz believes an audit should be performed closer to the moving date. Apparently another excuse is that they are working through some kinks in opening the new store.

What I am wondering is why after 31 years an audit would be premature? Also what kinks are they talking about, kinks in the previous books for the past 31 years? This looks like a classic example of managers leading happy unwary co-owners down a path that may provide hidden benefits for the managers both past, present and future. And what is behind getting rid of the longtime employees? Does that facilitate rewriting of the BriarPatch's history? I wonder if the records of the past will be retained in their original format?

If I was involved I would demand all the records up to this point be collected and turned over to an independent auditing firm.

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