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19 January 2008


Scott Obermuller

I find it odd that the most obvious (to me!) use of the lens is never
mentioned directly. How about a lens that overcomes the curse of old
age and tired muscles that would simply help our tired eyes to see up
close again? There is an instant multi-billion dollar market that they
seem to ignore here. Could be that they can't really deliver the goods
and are dazzling us with promises and vapor-tech.
Second Life (Linden Labs) is the most exciting development in cyber
space, yet I've never actually experienced it myself. I have broad
band and the necessary scratch, but the time component seems to be the
problem. My 1st life seems to fill all 24 hrs. alloted to me during the
day and I haven't found a way to talk God into allowing me a few extra
hours of reality. I may find myself in a condition of reduced mobility
some day and will relish the opportunity to be fully alive and
functioning again, but for now I will remain an interested bystander.

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