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12 February 2008


Scott Obermuller

Good reading on the subject would include Bjorn Lomborg's 'Cool It', and P. J. O'Rourke's 'All The Trouble In The World'. Mr Lomborg is an economist with good credentials and although not a scientist, knows how to ferret out the required information to deal realistically with the hob goblin of climate change. It is most telling that even though he does not dispute that elevated levels of CO2 caused by human activity are cause for concern, he is still a pariah to the alarmists and greenies. His favored course of action requires far too much logical thought, and not enough panic-driven stampede into a top-down, big government series of edicts. O'Rourke is a sarcastic humorist and author of several books lampooning modern life and politics. In this book he visits and comments on several of the world's hot spots of hunger, eco-disorder and war. He points out (often from first-hand experience) how our usual 'solutions' to these various problems are useless and worse. The common thread in both books is the desire by most of the western world to operate from a sense of guilt, and to have absolution of our 'sins' of affluence be the primary goal. Actually feeding starving children and saving polar bears becomes secondary (or non-essential) in the mad-house of current 'progressive' thought.

Anna Haynes

Excellent video - UCSD historian of science (and soon to be Provost) Naomi Oreskes talk on The American Denial of Global Warming - first half of her talk is history of science (starting with predictions, then corroboration) of anthropogenic global warming, 2nd half is about the denial movement and the motivations (fascinating) of the principals. I dare you to watch it and have it not change your perceptions on this - it changed mine.

Anna Haynes

George, would you be willing to meet with me for coffee and have an intellectually honest discussion on why and where we disagree about global warming?

Your colleague Russ Steele isn't willing to, which - in view of his prolific posting about this issue - seems odd.

Jeff pelline

good morning. as you know, george, you're welcome to post a blog anytime, as long as it complies with the policy of commenting on issues of the day. as you know, providing a single link merely to redirect traffic and promote your site is not what what the web is about. you probably owe your friend a more thorough explanation. i encourage you to check out reader's corner today for a mention of an article about how small town newspapers are the sweet spot of journalism. cheers.

George Rebane

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George Rebane

Anna - At this stage we'd still be talking past each other. You seem to share the very simplistic view of a very complex phenomenon and humanity's reaction to it. Until you begin to understand the short piece that I wrote with the Venn diagrams, our conversation will be futile. I am planning an expanded version which some readers have asked me write. After you read that, please let me know if you still want to talk. gjr

Anna Haynes

George, if your logic is Greek (or gibberish) to me, it likely is to your other readers as well. If the intent is merely to give the appearance of erudition, rather than to communicate anything of substance, be forewarned that the wise reader does not view this favorably.

Have you had a chance yet to watch the Naomi Oreskes talk? I'd be curious to learn your reaction.

And - as for meeting to talk - maybe we *won't* get anywhere. But I'll repeat the offer I made to Russ - I'll donate $50 to Hospice if you'll meet with me for an intellectually honest attempt at discussion.



If I can understand George you should with your scientific training. I will be shocked it you can not understand a straight forward logical explanation, based on some systems analysis and decision theory. It is well established science. Keep an open mind, ask good questions and you will do just fine.

Mikey McD

Anna Haynes: http://www.denisdutton.com/cooling_world.htm

Let's target Social Security, medicare, healthcare, dependence on oil, education, term limits, and our association with the UN before we waste time and money looking for a dragon that does not exist!

Anna Haynes

re Russ's comment to me -
> "If I can understand George you should with your scientific training. I will be shocked it you can not understand a straight forward logical explanation, based on some systems analysis and decision theory"

Russ, since you say you can understand it, could you please provide a concise summary as a comment here, in your own words? I'll donate $50 to Hospice if you'll do so.

It'd be a great help.

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