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06 February 2008


Jeff pelline

"Jeff Pelline took me to task both publicly and privately on my transgressions, finally suggesting, in no uncertain terms, that such contributions on community matters should no longer grace the pages or website of that newspaper."

just to correct the record, this is a false statement. we repeatedly have run george's criticisms of the paper on blogs on the front page of the newspaper, as well as his "other voices." this, despite him not having the "full story" — something he likes to accuse the paper of. would the sacramento bee do that? i think the real issue might be calling george out on his "conflicts of interest" when writing about people whom he gave contributions to.


I'll call you with the location.


Oh..do you have a listed phone number? And the comment about the community meeting has been deleted from the union's Web site already. Hmmmmmmm

George Rebane

I'm in the book or you can use [email protected].

Anticipating that your comment would soon be sent to bit heaven is why I thought best to copy this thread to Ruminations where it is out of reach of the Union's censors.


George, was right these comments on the Union Blog has been sent to bit bucket heaven. According to the note, they were removed by the Union Staff. Wonder why?

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