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25 February 2008


Jeff Pelline

Hey George,

I have hesitated to jump into this ridiculous discussion, but you have crossed the line:

‘General J’ is most likely our anonymous editor talking to himself.

George, this is not me, and I strongly object to it. You might be well advised to get a good media lawyer to review your blog copy before you publish it.

You also might be well advised to have looked around at the table (not just in the audience) at the economic summit and see all the folks who were laughing *at* you, not with you. Afterwards as well — and still are, in fact. The same goes with your presentation at the ERC on avian flu. Colorful to say the least.



Who is General J? If not you, then who else could it be. Who is registered as General J?

George admitted to being over the top at the economic discussion and is adjusting accordingly. We all make mistakes and we have all been laughed at, even you give us a chuckle several times a week.

I regret that you found the avian flu presentation laughable. When the flu comes those who have prepared will be the survivors, those that did not will only be a memory. Which will you be? Given how strongly you feel about your family, you might want to think about a little preparation should the avian flu sweep around the globe. There will not be much time, you might not want to take George's word for the threat, so check out the resources that he listed in his presentation. You can download the presentation from the ERC web site.

Jeff Pelline

Adjusting accordingly?
Doesn't seem like it, including you.
People are asking how you got appointed to the county transportation board, and in turn, the ERC. People notice how you made contributions to the people who appointed you. How couldn't they? Is this another example of the "good old boys network"? Prove them wrong.
Both are supposedly nonpartisan positions, but you can't seem to rise to the professionalism of being nonpartisan — like other people in nonpartisan positions. You tout your views daily.
I know your "community appointed" peer stays nonpartisan. Why don't you? People are watching and asking a lot of questions, in an election year no less. You're in the spotlight, though you're being called upon by our community to offer objective, nonpartisan analysis. Is it time for a change?
These are all great questions.

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