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08 February 2008


Billy Mac

Nevada County is crying for another publication to birth (print and/or web based). I thank you for listing other blogs and will look into several of them for my news and opinion daily. I gave up on The Union over 6 months ago- I am searching for an objective news source. Thank you for your candor.

Jeff pelline

You don't understand. Providing a link within *a story* that is on topic is what the Web is all about; that is, to help provide more research. Posting a single link on a site meant for blogging issues of the day with *no content* — merely as an attempt to promote your site from another site — is not what the Web is about. BTW, we left your blogs up for several hours after our warning post appeared, giving you a head's up. Don't personalize: Jeff and Tom suggested this.

George Rebane

Sadly, I didn't see the warning until it was too late, else I would have complied. My misunderstanding was that you wanted to see minimum words from me on The Union. And thanks for the heads up on "what the Web is about."

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