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17 February 2008


George Rebane

Email from a correspondent in NZ re the 'Lawyers Embrace ...' -

"Open notice to China. Train lawyers, not engineers, and send them to America. Cc to India with note to also improve language skills before sending any Indians over."

Mike McD

George, thanks for pointing out the faults of an individual void of reason. So often I shake my head at the leaps taken by opinion writers when they attempt to make a broken argument whole (in this case "hang together..") his argument probably sounded better before the his buzz wore off; most likely in the "munchies" stage.

Douglas Keachie

Here's a newer idea. Figure out what it costs to be an individual in a given area, who has adequate housing, a means of transit to and from a job, food via groceries 13 out of 14 days, healthcare, and some more for clothing. Now add 10% for savings or whatever.

Once that number is established, figure out what having one's potential working hours tied up for 40 hours a week generates in terms of income at the employer's chosen rate. Whatever the differential is, if it is negative to the employee, the difference is paid to the government ahead of paying anything to the shareholders. Otherwise the corporation involved is sucking taxpayers other than themselves for the services that the workerbee citizen will get one way or the other.

Do You Support Corporate Welfare Chiseling? Anytime an employee requires welfare, and that employee is tied to working at sub-subsistence wages, the Corporation is part and parcel of causing other tax payers to pick up the slack. Walmart even published guides for their employees on the in's and out's of screwing the government, rather than pay a living wage.

I can't believe that you are such a jerk as to leave out the "'t" in can in your own blog, and none of your readers caught it. In case you did mean for me to figure out "excessive profits," I just gave you a much simpler system. Identify the costs of the employee that the corporation is trying to foist off onto the taxpaying public to boost its bottom line.

[He can identify the level at which profits become “excessive”; he doesn’t know that dividends are already taxed; he thinks corporate “perks” come out of paying dividends to shareholders; and then figures that corporate earnings can be hidden through the declared and recorded payment of dividends.]

Dumbth my arse!

The point about dividends is that coporations always make a big deal about how little money would be saved if all their exec's were $1/year men, when in fact the real money goes out the door as dividends. yes, I have always been fully aware of all the inter-connections you list.

Good Luck in November, you'll need it.

and locally, vote Charlie Brown!

BTW, if the corporate heads are shareholders, then, in a sense,

"he thinks corporate “perks” come out of paying dividends to shareholders"

they do. But in generally they are written into the contract between the corp and the CEO, CIO, or whomever. What on earth caused you to read your version about perks into the information I posted?

Douglas Keachie

Go Rebane, censor what you can't take?

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