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02 February 2008



Interesting, but I did not like the results. I am going to try again, with closer attention to the priority.

Scott Obermuller

I assume that the previous comment was referring to the candidate compatibility web site. You need to just go to the candidates' web sites and look for yourself.
All of it assumes a lot of subjective values that are in question as far as I can tell. If Shrillary wins, I will look forward to the immediate drop in gasoline prices, (per her explicit promise) as the oil cartels will be soooo afraid of her energy self-reliance plans. Apparently they believe that she WILL destroy our economy post-haste, and that our demand for oil will plummet. Hence, lower gasoline prices. The vote in November will come down to who do you want picking Supreme Court justices? I don't see anything else really mattering. There are other considerations as well, (such as cabinet choices) but the make-up of SCOTUS
is so towering in so many ways, that I find it to be the paramount decision point.

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