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02 March 2008


Overtaxed and Unheard

#1A is right on the mark; if we don't adopt a measurable objective any programs are worthless. I agree with the majority of the points listed in part b. Particularly, #2b and #13b struck a chord with me. I would only dis-agree with #9. I hope our "leaders" are reading.



I have posted some thoughts on economic development on NC Media Watch. It started as a comment here and grew too long. Please see my comments at NC Media Watch.

Douglas Keachie

We just got EV via Verizon yesterday from the Oregon House peak tower, line of sight, three miles away. Good start.

If the land is what counts, then keeping trees on the land counts for a lot. more support for the fire depts and brush suppression measures.

Telling our youngsters they can't live here until they've built up a pile and become middle-aged does not boost morale in the schools. You might want to factor that in....and do something about it, if you want future techies of quality who don't speak Hindu or Chinese.

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