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19 March 2008


Touey's Mom

A good politican always drops a small bomb, then more small bombs, at timed intervals, instead of a block buster that could destroy his/her chance for re-election. Wait until April. The layoffs will start and the tears will flow. Of course, we all know it is Bush's fault. He made Grass Valley annex Glenbrook, collect all those extra taxes the county was getting prior to the annexation and then foolishly spend them on programs that would help the politicians get re-elected. No sense in putting some money away for a rainy day as the past City Manager suggested. They had to fire him so they could spend, spend, spend. After all, they now have the Glenbrook cash cow.
Nevada County lost a lot of tax revenues from Glenbrook annexation, but they have a sizeable cash reserve and a fiscally conservative Board of Supervisors. Nevada City and Grass Valley both have a majority of liberals on their City Councils nad both will have deficits this year. Nevada City's is manageable but Grass Valley, it appears, is gasping to stay out of bankruptcy.


Since the editor of the paper and the mayor of GV are fast friends, don't expect a hard-hitting story on this one. They'd rather go after the DA's and the Supervisors.

Jeff Pelline

"The politics in small towns are so nasty, because the stakes are so small."

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