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11 March 2008


Touey's Mom

You are right on, George. Our granddaughter's boyfriend recently applied at Grass Valley City Police Dept. He was told the city would be filing for bankruptcy and so they are not hiring as they will be laying off police officers. Then a few days ago a neighbor who works at GV City Hall, told me they were told the city would be filing for bankruptcy and there would soon be lay offs and they are all waiting to find out who it will be. The neighbor said they are all surprised that the newspaper hasn't printed anything on this. Also heard that GV hasn't been able to completely pay the original attorneys hired to fight the Mining Company that contaminated the water. One more thing, it has been told that the newly hired GV City Administrator was about to be fired from his position in Douglas County, NV and GV City Council knew about this and hired him anyways.

George Rebane

This from a correspondent and many-year Nevada County resident who recently left for greener pastures after developing one of the landmark neighborhoods of the community.

"I suspect that ALL communities will have problems in their immediate future. Feds run short, push unfunded mandates on State. State runs short, push unfunded mandates on communities. Communities face lower property tax and sales revenues and escalating fixed costs. GV's (and Nevada County in general) anti-business attitutes in the form of green, save-the-planet platitudes will have only set a weak foundation for dealing with the problems ahead. As a one time builder in the community I would warn off any business attempting to operate in Nevada County. Why beat your head against the wall when you can be welcomed in other venues? Local business takes the rap for higher prices, driving consumers out of town. What isn't discussed is that the attitudes toward business make it expensive to operate and generate the higher prices, driving buyers away and resulting in store closings. Grow or die."

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