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23 March 2008



Arthur C. Clark and his writing have always been welcome at the Steele house, both Ellen and I were blown away by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the Space Odyssey books that followed. My other favorite was Imperial Earth. We often discussed science fiction themes at our house, watching the Twilight Zone and Star Trek with our children. Jessica our oldest became an avid science fiction fan, even as a third grader she was reading at the junior high level. One afternoon in Arizona on a Sunday drive to visit some Indian cliff dwellings we got into a discussion of panspermia, "seeds" of life exist all over the Universe. When Jessica attempted to discuss this concept with her third grade teacher Mr Boyd, an ardent Mormon, we were called in for a parent/teacher conference by the school councilor. They wanted to know where this child got such an idea, and just what did we think we were doing filling our child's head with such nonsense. We continue to discuss those crazy ideas that come from science fiction. We will miss all those rich fertile ideas that came from the brain of Arthur C. Clark.

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