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19 March 2008


Gary Irving

Complaining about the academic farce of 10 basketball players in a sea of 10,000 students(at any State U) is swatting at a fly. Every jock in American Universities could join a monastery (or change their major to Physics - not much difference) and it wouldn't solve our national shortage of trained technical talent. The solution lies not in shutting down all Athletic budgets either as most of those programs is self-supporting or profitable. The problem lies in a culture that makes rock stars out of lawyers on TV while featuring nothing about engineers, chemists or the lowly high school math teacher. These cultural values won't be reprogrammed with massive infusions of Federal funds either. The circus in is the court room and our litigious society.

Wade Irving

John Edwards made black athletes suck at physics?

*Fishes around for whiskey bottle under desk...*

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