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20 March 2008


Ron Child

An interesting perspective and quit possibly accurate. However, racial issues take a back seat to the war on terrorism and the financial well being of our nation. Much more needs to be known about Barack than the fact that he is a charismatic and eloquent speaker. Too much is riding on our world situation to allow race to become THE issue.

Thanx, Ron

Douglas Keachie

If McCain had the makings of "Commander in Chief" then it is puzzling that he didn't rise higher within the ranks of the military while he was there. If the military didn't see the makings of a higher rank in him, it makes no sense that he should become the one who directs the Generals and Admirals, and Whatever, when he was unqualified to become one himself in the military's estimation of his worth.

We don't know how far Obama would have gone. We do know McCain would have gone nowhere without his wife's cash.

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