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12 April 2008


Jeff Pelline

Hmmm. Let's bring some facts to the dialogue. For example that pesky USAToday, reporting that air travel is safer than ever. Shame on them!

(A Google search will turn up dozens of similar stories). I think that's an old saw George, propagated by some folks that could use a refresher course into the current state of the media.


The old saw can still sing a salient song... But I think Jeff has missed the point. If you look at the media this past week it was more about PERCEPTION that there's a problem with the airlines. Unfortunately, I suspect it's about POLITICS and the airlines. There are those close to the FAA advocating it's complete shutdown and rebirth to eliminate the dysfunctional behaviour.

Too easy a platitude, but pertinent: "Most people only do what's in their own best interest". That goes for FAA, politicians, and most editors.

Jeff Pelline

No, I get it. You're turning a safety issue into a political issue. And and old saw at that, dating back to Ronald Reagan. That spells out of touch to me.


Yes. It is about politics, but George's salient point is the media reporting on the tails...

I venture to say that if we took a national, state, and county survey about airline safety, based on the last weeks media coverage, that the majority would say travel is not as safe.

My observation of the mainstream-media [yes, a gross generalization] last week was that coverage was not based on the heart of the matter and substantiated with facts as George pointed out, but it was based on an emotional level of; "It's damn inconvenient I had to spend the night in the airport", "I will never fly American Airlines again", "I'm in a wheelchair and they said I had to go to the airport to change my flight", "how nice, the airlines gave me complimentary toothpaste, razor, and comb", "We should disband the FAA", "Three airlines in bankrupcy", etc.

But, shouldn't "the media", a staff member of TheUnion (representing TheUnion or not), constrain their comments to TheUnion's forum? I think the PERCEPTION is TheUnion has more clout.

Jeff Pelline

Thanks "chip" but no. There's nothing like hands-on experience. Mine happens to include journalism and writing about the airline business for a decade. We need to do a better job of embracing experience our community. It leads to informed commentary.


Jeff (even as the editor of the only newspaper in W. Nevada County), you are probably much smarter, perhaps wiser, a better debater, and obviously more erudite than my experience this week flying through Chicago and Cleveland airports... But after 15 years in high-tech journalism as a technical editor for both Ziff-Davis and International Data Group (IDG), the two largest privately held technical publishing firms in the United States until the last few years, I disagree with you.

While your experience in journalistic airline reporting I can not dispute, I think your experience in the community portrayed through your journalism is not conducive to our community on many levels -- evidence herein.

You highlight opinions of off-based facts, changing the dialog, claiming twice that comments are out-of-touch, your expertise and experience, and laced with sarcasm. Where's the constructive dialog?

Totally off-base from George's commentary -- but perhaps the blogosphere is in some miniscule way a threat to journalistic professionalism and expertise, opposed to the novice and uniformed populace...? In some facets I would might even agree, but the community is really more valuable than any one individual or media outlet. Please, take a deep breath. Have a constructive dialog for the sake of your and our sanity.

Jeff Pelline

"chip": i think my discussion was pretty constructive, providing some specific examples to the issue at hand. i certainly didn't get off subject or get personal like you did. it's OK to agree to disagree. anyway, it certainly seems like a no win exercise: i'll stop reading and commenting. i guess being the editor of the local newspaper (even though i didn't bring up any of this in the discussion) means you lose some rights as a citizen.

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