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05 April 2008




Thanks for the great recap. I could not attend the meeting due to family commitments, but was there in spirit, worried that this was going to be just one more economic development meeting without any definitive results. Unfortunately my worst fears have came to pass, as our elected passed the buck to the ERC. Perhaps the ERC should work with the SESF to produce a definitive vision that can be adopted by the Cities and County. A starting place might be the survey process I out lined for our elected leaders at NC Media Watch. Unfortunately the ERC and SESF cannot take action to revise the byzantine regulatory morass that faces new business developers in Nevada County. That can only be done by our government leaders. What is it our elected leaders do not understand about the concept of leadership?

Dixie Redfearn

Excellent commentary! Thanks for attending...much less painful to read your account than to actually sit though it!
The more things change, the more they stay the same???

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