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08 April 2008


Overtaxed and Unheard

Peter was against the no-growth initiative, he stood in agreement with ERC and CABPRO?

George Rebane

To answer Overtaxed and others who may be equally surprised, let me just state that I have confirmed the accuracy of my report.

Dixie Redfearn

Good synopsis! There were many more than 100 people you saw. This was the most significant event of the meeting, yet was relegated to a paragraph. Politics makes strange bedfellows when you have John Spencer and Joey Jordan agreeing on anything!

Howie Muir

Yet, it is curiuos that none of the opponents of the initiative, including The Union, have yet managed to present fact-based arguments about just how the initiative is wrong-headed, or how it is that adopting the core of the city's current approved General Plan unchanged is such a horrendous idea. Perhaps politicians are uncomfortable with the idea of actually adhering to public policy or allowing the citizens they serve to set those public policies?

George Rebane

Fact1 - Every general plan becomes progressively dated and out of touch with the community's needs as it collects birthdays. The GVGPis no different. It is for that reason that general plans are finally redrafted.

Fact2 - Public opinion is manipulable and volatile. Interjecting a public vote to approve every new development that does not conform to a dated GP places yet another risky hurdle in the way of someone who wants to invest in the community thereby making it less likely that such investments will be attempted.

Fact3 - Businesses are closing down and are slow in coming to western Nevada County. Our economic growth is nil to negative which portends a very bad future for all county residents. There is an effort underway by the four joint jurisdictions to come up with a process that promotes economic growth in Nevada County. There is no evidence that putting in place the requirement for popular approval of new developments will promote the growth and welfare of any jurisdiction.



Here are some facts from an article I wrote in 2003 for the Capitol Journal on managed growth impacts:

Dr. Samuel R. Staley, Ph. D. Senior Fellow at the Reason Public Policy Institute, looked at the consequences of local growth management on affordable housing in WASHINGTON and FLORIDA, which both have controlled housing based on density, household size, household income and geography. His study found in FLORIDA that 20% of housing price increases could be attributed to compliance with growth management legislation. In WASHINGTON it was 26%. In Ventura County, CALIFORNIA, another RPPI study found that growth controls will produce a shortage of 14,000 to 27,000 units by 2020, creating a huge market demand for existing housing.

You can read more of this article at NC Media Watch on Thursday the 24th.

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