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25 April 2008


Ellen Steele

Great post, George. Thought I would suggest where the statues of Sam and Harry are lovingly placed- up the opposite cliff, in the ceremonial cave, named the Alcove. They undoubtedly are in a place of honor, for those who are motivated to visit them.



According to info gleaned on a research mission by the Burchianti Kids when visiting Four Corners region several years back, the Anasazi evolved from Paleo-Indian hunter and gatherer's and settled into permanent areas and began cultivating according to rainfall patterns around 490AD. Three major settlements (Chaco, Mesa Verde and Kayenta) were divided into the Basket Makers and the Pueblo. Needing food more than shelter they traveled cave to cave until industry (weaving and pottery) developed. With the arrival of the Europeans, Sam and Harry I presume, their culture declined as European inventions were introducted (metal pots and pans). Now the wonders of past cultures have lured rails and other transportaion closer to old settlements thoughfully protected as National Parks. Tourists have found the mysteries of past survival intriguing and the Anasazi pottery tradition revived and thrives. Those Burchianti Kids climbed every ladder, entered every cave and kiva, tried out a varied of food products and spun some pots to take home to remind them of their luck in life.

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