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19 April 2008


Jeff Pelline

Dangerous commentary:

"I’m not sure that the coalition cobbled together to fight MGI will serve the county’s conservative cause, ..."

Putting ideology in the front seat at the expense of solving a community problem. The extremists in this community, on the right and the left, are bringing us down. I hope this shines a light on this destructive practice as well.



I am not sure what you are trying to say. George looked at both sides of the issues and found both wanting. The real community issue is the lack of growth needed to sustain a robust economy. The Stagnators want to stop even the meager growth we have today, let alone the 2% growth defined in the General Plan. To win the argument against the Stagnators will require some stronger arguments than offered in the draft talking points of groups opposing the MGI.

I was hoping The Union might write some insightful analysis of the issues. But, if you insist on writing from a neutral stance on the fence, why waste our time to write about it. If the Union does not have the back bone to support the real needs of the community just say so, and we can look to other media outlets for support.

Be a community leader or get the hell out of the way.

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