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22 May 2008


Touey's Mom

You are right on, George, regarding in calm times the right is too busy minding their own businss but the left is out minding everyone else's business. I was standing in line at a local bank recently and the woman behind me mentioned it was too bad there wasn't a branch in Nevada City. I told there was and where. She thanked me and then went on about the price of gas and how it was President Bush's fault, blah, blah, blah. I usually would have just ignored her comments but I guess with age you realize you haven't a lot of time left to express your opinion, so I decided I'd give her a lesson by explaining how much oil we have in the U.S. that we can't get because of all the evironmental restrictions. Needless to say she had comments about that as well and so this went on several more minutes. Finally, I asked her where she gets her information and she said she is very active in the enviromental community and helps inform people about the "real truth". If it hadn't been my turn to move up to the counter, I may have done something more assertive, like hit her over the head to try to knock some sense into her.

Dixie Redfearn

The Rotary speaker was Janice O'Brian, one of the founders of Hospitality House. Cindy Maple manages the welcome center. Good food for thought, George. Literally.

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