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05 June 2008



George, thanks for the excellent report which is far more comprehensive than Laura Brown's report of the same meeting in the Union. If it were a day long event it seems we should have gotten more details than a few lame quotes. Again thanks for filling in the blanks and outlining the issues.

Smart growth and transit oriented communities are a myth. Proponents cannot show me more than one that actually works as they propose it should. If transit met peoples needs they would use it. It does not, thus we see empty buses with ghosts riding in the seats. If transit is so important to people lives why do we see our local Gold County Stage going unused, thirty empty seat carrying ghost riders through out the Western County. If the Gold County Stage were to write a mission statement that is reflective of what they do, they would have to indicate that they exist for the purpose of serving their employees, not the citizens of Nevada County even though those citizens are paying over $6 dollars for every empty seat.

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