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15 June 2008


Russell Steele


We have been discussing the comments over the camp fire dinner table, with John and Betty Lou John Reifschneider our current RVing companions. Well over the dinner table, as it has been too wet and cold to be eating around the campfire. John's family is from Germany, and was very uncomfortable with the attitude of your German friends. "There are givers and taker in this world, and these Germans are takers," he said. He went on to explain that the "let someone else worry about the problem attitudes" of your friends may have produced earlier dictatorships in Germany, and could again. Betty Lou agrees with John, that Germany has created a socialist society of takers, rather than givers who are willing to assume responsibility for their own security.

Ellen and I agree with John and Betty Lou, but think maybe we have produced a political codependency, the US Government has enabled the EU and Germans to assume that we will protect them for ever. They are like middle aged adults living at home with mom and dad that should have been kicked out of the house years ago. But, it is never too late to tell them as US tax payers we are tried of footing the bill and it time for them to become responsible global citizens. It is time for a little tough love, so they are prepared for the next challenge to Europe's survival. We may be too busy feeding and protecting our own population.

George Rebane

We fully agree that we have created a geo-political dependency (notice I left out the 'co'). I think that our German friends would also agree. They have been taught to 'take' our commitment to defend their independence and are still being so taught by their schools. In fact it's worse than that - their left-wing is teaching them that decent nations are peace-loving and don't need a military. I hope that your friends don't think that there is a significant fraction of Germans who are 'givers' (those willing to sacrifice social programs and collectivism for carrying their weight militarily); there is no evidence for any cohort of the German electorate so inclined. And as the German population ages, fewer of them will vote to sacrifice their state-provided transfer payments. This is what all the polls show and all the anecdotal direct evidence we have gathered from our German friends and their friends - quite a body of people in all social and economic classes ranging from the German diplomatic corps through state employees to independent small business men. And finally, be comforted that I gave them the 'tough love' message - both barrels.

Now if they would only believe that I was a legitemats spokesman for the US Government.

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