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23 June 2008


Russell Steele

Jo Ann,

I was going to comment on the wood piles that we see in the Gaspe in a blog post. Lots of long wood piles covered and uncovered, but none stacked against the buildings. Always away from the house or larger apartment style buildings in long double or triple rows. Perhaps concern for fire in the wood pile near the buildings, or perhaps the threat of termites from the wood piles. I am assuming they have termites in Estonia also it might not be a good idea to stack the wood too close to the building. We have also seen the stout round piles in Cape Breton.

Today we are seeing large piles of wood on beaches and parks. It is Quebec's 400th birthday. The wood piles on the beaches and parks will be burned to night in celebration of 400 years tomorrow the 24th of June. It should be quite a party.

Most of the Canada Park Rangers, and in many of the Information Centers, are college students. Many French speaking, with limited English, but they try to please us folks from California and Georgia.

Martin Light

Jo Ann, I would be interested in how much gasoline costs in US dollars at the pump for those Jeeps, Toyota Land Rovers and minivans. Yesterday I paid $4.67 at the 76 station in Brunswick Basin for 87 grade.

George Rebane

The fuel cost converts to about $7.15/gal for 95 octane (can't buy 87 octane here). It's a good thing that the country is small and we don't have to drive far. We look forward to getting back to the land of cheap gas. jar

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