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09 June 2008



Cool retrofit...

For those over 50 (myself CERTAINLY included) multi-tasking in a productive way is... well, rewarding! Why? Because age, from my perspective, is logarithmic (or at least not linear); the more time we have, the quicker it passes. That's why I enjoy the Buddhist and Zen monk notion of "keeping present" -- slowing down the perception of time.

And why would anyone want to slow down time, other than the elixir of wisdom, the titillation of discovery, and the joy of family and friends?

So, walk to your ecstasy.

Kay Pearson

George, I really LOVE your treadmill contraption!!! I couldn't bear walking on the treadmill if I couldn't read. People don't understand how I can read and workout at the same time. I don't know how they can do it without reading! I have a little prong thing-a-ma-jig that holds my pages open. I think I'd look a little funny carrying your invention into the local workout center, but for home workout, WOW. You should have gotten a patent.

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