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11 July 2008


Russell Steele


Interesting post, I know we have talked about this subject in the past and, yes I still need to read Caplan's book. As you know we have been traveling in Canada for almost a month and now we are back in the US. What is bother me is the US wait staff, stores, restaurants and service station seem to be very close to brain dead and quite surly. Most (not all) do not think ahead, are slow to respond to a problem or issue, and have great difficulty with numbers. We perhaps might not have noticed it, if we not been in Canada where most of the wait staff seems to be quite sharp and many are multi-lingual. Even those that only spoke french, were sharp enough to figure out what we wanted. I am not sure if it schooling or on the job training in Canada. Are we dumbing down our US school systems to point people are having a hard time functioning in a work environment. Cannon fodder for sound bite politics.

A big part of the CARB out reach is to the children, when we can not dumb down are are using twisting there minds with junk. More cannon fodder the emotional arguments, the poor penguins, and furry polar bears. CARB Scoping Plan

Reaching Children through Schools
Setting California on track to a low-carbon future beyond 2020 is the definition of a
multi-generational challenge. This means that climate-related education in schools
will be a central element of California’s Plan. By 2010, California will develop
climate change education components to the State’s new K-12 model school
curriculum as part of the Education and the Environment Initiative (AB 1548, Pavley,
Chapter 665, Statutes of 2003). In the meantime, State outreach will continue
through the Cool California web pages ( and the continued
support of student educators through the California Climate Champions program.
Expanding the knowledge and opportunities of young people to participate in
promoting their own and their communities’ environmental health will be an
important theme for all these efforts..

More cannon fodder, more sheep for the Al Gores of the world.

George Rebane

State sponsored "climate related education" hearkens back to the days of the USSR - you bend the twig early enough and the tree grows to wherever you want. It has now started here. Ever wonder why the MSM have never picked up on this notion of convincing the compliant and confused?

Jeff Pelline

My prayers go to these so-called "ignorant, indifferent or just plain stupid" or "brain dead" service people (aka fellow human beings) who are needed to rescue pompus RV drivers whose vehicle poops out on the side of the road.

George Rebane

Jeff, all of our prayers go out to such people because in a pluralistic democracy they will determine our future. It is your charter and commission to educate those whom you can. These folks seldom if ever grace blogs like mine. Too many big words and multi-sentence paragraphs.

Russell Steele

Speaking of being pooped out on the side of the road. We had another very positive Les Schwab Tires experience today. We had some unusual tires wear on one of our Airstream tires. We stopped at a Les Schwab store in Twin Falls to have the trailer tires rotated. In the process, they discovered one of the tires treads had separated. In 30 minutes we had a new tire and were on our why. This is the third time we have had a great experience at Les Schwab while traveling. They hire smart people and then train them in customer service skills. What an interesting concept.

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