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17 July 2008


Russell Steele

Good update George, I had a brief meeting with Gil today and we scheduled a sit down meeting for next Tuesday. Gil and I have a long list of items to discuss. One item I am concerned about is that the ERC Blog has gone fallow, when it could be a good tool for keeping the whole community informed of the ERC's progress on specific projects. Another subject on my agenda is sales tax leakage to Auburn, as they develop a robust commercial area, that will be an attraction to Nevada County shoppers. More on these issues after we have had a chance to chat at length.

Dixie Redfearn

Dan Miller came up with a good branding statement at a Grass Valley City Council meeting: "Stake Your Claim in Nevada County's Golden Future."
I think that's clever and would be a good statement to attract business.

George Rebane

Thanks Dixie, that's the best one I've heard. Now comes the part about building and promoting the brand. I think that Gil would happily entertain ideas on how to accomplish that. My own would involve creating a memorable icon (brand) - the county's filled with graphic artists - to go with the statement and encourage the existing county businesses to start using it in their communications, letterheads, and websites.

Douglas Keachie

So offer the artists and writers a bounty, money, to develop said logo, motto, etc. Don't you have funds for this? Money attracts talent, or does that only work for CEO's?

Douglas Keachie

For outsiders you need to establish the location in reference to Sacramento and Tahoe, and possibly Auburn and the Bay Area.

For in-county use, you need a different logo. "Nevada County" could be branded as "NevCo," at least for internal use, to make the motto quicker on the brain.

Douglas Keachie

Actually, I like the logo you've got on this page for outsiders, but you should show Lake Tahoe in blue, and it has to be at least the size I see it on my screen. If I didn't know the roads, I wouldn't be able to read them. It should be possible to click on the county and get a much bigger map of the county, including the links to 80 and Yuba City, with the areas outside the county grayed down. That won't work in print, but it could be made to work on websites.

Douglas Keachie

Also, add an arrow pointing from "Nevada County" text to the Nevada County in gold, and make 80 red and black like most maps, and label it twice, the second time at about Colfax.

George Rebane

For the record, the graphic in the post is from the ERC website and was not intended to be an entry into the 'logo competition'. But since the ERC already has it, maybe they could work with it.

Mikey McD

May I suggest that our "leaders" serve their tax payers... target infrastructure and safety; leave the social engineering to the socialists.

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