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06 August 2008


Scott Obermuller

Most folks don't look much beyond their own limited domain and circumstances. They have probably never been taught nor do they practice the art of seeing the other point of view. I pause here and give a silent moment of thanks to my high school English teacher/forensic coach who labored that her charges would consider always the whole situation and without emotion, bring as much hard information to bear on the discussion at hand. I was always taught that it wasn't how smart or clever I was, but that I would be willing always to be as clear-eyed as possible about the relevant facts (data). My feelings had no room at the table as they were as illusory and misleading as all get-out. Modern politics and governance is pretty much all about emotions and psychology. Not much more than a pep rally. Rah Rah! Go - our side! The other side stinks! What a way to run the most powerful nation on earth. I'm afraid that decades of commercialism has convinced the populace that they should pick the candidates that most convincingly tickle their fancy, flatter them, and promise them a free ride. You've earned it! It's your right! Some other segment of the population should pay - look at all they have! Systems science is frightfully dull to the masses and irrelevant to the elected leaders. I'm afraid we're just singing to the choir. But it is such sweet music, so let the music play!

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