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16 November 2008


Russ Steele


My brother Bob built tourist trains for the Alaskan summer tourism market. When the market saturated he turned to building dinner trains and operated one on the Oregon Coast from Tillamook, that is until he ran into problems with the local board of supervisors. They wanted a cut of the profits under the table. When the politics got ugly, he moved his operations to Roy, near Beaverton Oregon. During the summer he ran a weekend lunch and dinner train, but as winter approached, he switched to a brunch train. Thus, insured his riders could see the mountain views and enjoy a great meal on wheels. He worked is a train robbery and some passenger role playing for a longer brunch train ride. The line to be a bit player on the train was longer then the dinner line. The folks at McCloud might want to take notice.


Your trip to McCloud was a good read. We have visited other mill towns in northern California. Sadly, the Trinity Alps were left to decay after the mills left. Some followed the mills, but the ones who stayed had a rough time. Still are. The beauty is there, but the money to fund new ideas is not. It may take some vision and salemanship to move in a positive direction.


Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand where we arrived by train.

I was just thinking of the many miles of narrow gauge tracks that were torn up in Nevada County during WW II. Makes me wonder if they were left in place if a Nevada County entrepreneur would have developed a scenic train. It’s water under the bridge now, but may have served to boost tourism.

George Rebane

That's a great thought Dave, and probably would have provided another reason to come to Nevada County either directly or through Colfax. Have a great vacation.


Thanks George. Working vacation. By the way, what is a "womanlike breakfast"?

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