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10 December 2008



How's the clarity of reception George? Does the unit have outputs to "boost" it to a home sound system?

George Rebane

Dave, there are products on the market that do what you propose - here's one

I don't have a WiFi radio yet, but playing a station selected from Reciva sounds very good on my PC's audio system. Maybe Wayne will weigh in on your 'clarity' question.

Wayne Watson

I haven't tried it through external speakers, but its sound quality is good with what is probably a 4" speaker. The external connector in the back is likely good for external speakers as well as headphones. Without waking up my wife, I just cranked up the volume quite well on the internal speaker. Their web site might have something to say about external speakers.


I use www.pandora.com for my radio needs and sometimes www.theradio.com... I have not bought a CD in years.

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