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11 December 2008


Jeff Pelline

The Union doesn't comment on personal matters. As for your appearance at Sue Horne's celebration dinner, you forgot to mention that the only two empty seats in the house were next to you. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Merry Christmas!

Mary Booth

Are you an adult?

George Rebane

For the record, our table was full. Jeff's observation is further testimony of the accuracy of the Onion's reportage. But since he raises the issue, I did receive some correspondence on the event's seating from other more reliable attendees. One prominent community member emailed to say "BTW, did you notice (bleep) sitting at a Table for Three at the dinner? Is it true no one wanted to sit with him so they put him by himself?" The bleeped appellation will be supplied on request under separate cover.

And Mary, I am afraid that your question stands. Jeff has built an enduring monument to his maturity and professionalism in the comments that he has plastered on several Nevada County blogs over the last year plus. Moved by spirits unknown, this latest contribution, however, does reach a new low, and will no doubt continue to give rise to enquiries such as yours.

Russ Steele

Hey Jeff, if there was an empty seat next to George and Jo Ann you should have taken this wonderful opportunity to sit and chat with the gracious and charming Jo Ann and the very knowledgeable and insightful George. I have never failed to learning something new when having dinner with George and Jo Ann. Sorry you missed the opportunity to learn something, maybe several things that you should know, starting with some manners.

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