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21 January 2009


Account Deleted

How very appropriate. I just finished reading an article from the Cal alumni magazine (my father's - I never attended, outside of a riot or two). It appears that the Graduate Theological Union has reached the first anniversary of the establishment of the Center for Islamic Studies. The fly in the ointment is that the darn Mohammadens insist that there should be no questioning of basic tenets. Now with this sort of Christ follower there is no problem. He would be a slack-jawed ignorant, and to be pitied at best, and certainly excluded to be sure, as he is just not the inquisitive intellectual sort that is expected at Cal. But in the pursuit of bending over backwards (actually forwards, with trousers removed) for the furthering of peace and goodwill in regards to those who spread their joy of Allah via dismemberment, they have decided not to insist on "the Koran being pushed through the Judeo-Christian Biblical lens". Once more, we see that western liberals have no clue. Out of an over-arching feeling of guilt and lack of solid grounding in anything to do with morals and logical thinking, they hand out the free pass to those they feel are, well - you know..
well, uh, well, YOU KNOW. I wonder if these fools at the GTU have any inkling of how thoroughly racist they are. The Islamists don't really care as they welcome the free ride and the prominent platform that is being provided. They despise the sort of weak fools that run the GTU anyway and see them as the typical and practical way to further the interests of the Caliphate in the west. enjoy: https://alumni.berkeley.edu/California/200901/lattin.asp

John S

Well, that was very well written. But I wonder what the hell it said.

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