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14 February 2009




I think you will find your little generator will be a very good investment. Now that we are in cool PDO phase there will be more heavy winter snow storms that take out the power. With the implementation of AB-32 Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, you will soon find opportunities to use the generator during the summer brown outs. As California is forced to give up coal and oil fired power plants, and we have to depend more and more on renewables with a weak transmission infrastructure, and no nuclear back ups, we will see more and more brown outs in the summer. With both winter and summer applications a home generator becomes a good investment. I highly recommend all those that can afford a generator have one installed. We installed our diesel generator over ten years ago and have used it both in the winter and summer when the power goes out. Trees fall on the power lines summer and winter.

George Rebane

Yes, and year-round governators also fall on the their state's economic and quality of life prospects.

Martin Light

As you know we live a little further out into 'the frontier' of Nevada County than you 'city folks'. We didn't lose PG&E yesterday but did for 5 hours earlier in the week. Our Honda generator that plugs into an outlet in the garage kept everything throughout the house humming that workday. Before firing it up we always throw the main breaker to off so as to make sure some dedicated lineman doesn't get a surprise jolt. In the near future we're planning to upgrade either to a propane or diesel with an auto emergency start to save the big freezer contents during the summer and the plumbing during the winter when we're away.

Dixie Redfearn

I can relate! We have power but at least 5,000 feet of snow..and more coming? Yikes!

Account Deleted

George, you have to be careful of what you read on Wikileaks. Some of it is as you say, but a lot is left wing propaganda. For example, there is an article I saw near the top that claimed that the GOP was contradicting or ignoring "non partisan" research. The research in question was from the Congressional research service. Hardly non-partisan. They faulted tax cuts as not being the proper choice for jump starting the economy because a lot of the folks who would get a tax cut would just save it! Oh - horrors! Saving money you earn? Why, we can't have that! This "non-partisan" bunch was quite sure that food stamps, and billions to the unions was just the ticket. The author of this bit of nonsense acted as if this research group was handing down the tablets from the mount and for any member of congress to not go along was just dishonest or worse. The author, by the way, normally writes for Mother Jones. 'Nuff said.
As to your lack of potential from the power lines, we were out for around 6.5 hrs. and are always thankful to have it go back on. Our (safety) hats are off to those who climb power poles in miserable weather and mess around with high voltage. I know it's their job and they are well paid, but a prayer for their safety is always the first thing that comes to mind when the lights go out. Immediately followed by "now where is that flashlight?"

George Rebane

Yeah, I saw that little lean in their coverage also. Gotta always be careful about what you read.

Power came on at 745pm tonight. We waited 20 min, and then I tiptoed out there in the slush and turned off our little Kohler. Good job!

Russ Steele

Glad to hear the power is back on at the Rebane House. Earlier this morning it was raining with a stong wind blowing on Banner, but now it is snowing gently. We seem to be near the transition elevation between rain and snow.

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