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14 April 2009


Russ Steele


Thanks for representing the County at this important event. Please watch for the lefty agent provocateurs who will looking to disrupt the Tea Parties. Connecting the dots, I think the Department of Homeland Security document is part of the plan to disrupt the Tea Parties and give the movement a bad image. Please take care and stay safe.

Mikey McD

I will see you there. I went with the traditional "Don't Tread On Me" flag - http://www.foundingfathers.info/stories/gadsden.html


Uh-oh George. Does this mean you are on the Transportation Security Admin *hit list? That would be the asterisks at the front and end of your last name on the airport boarding pass?

You know you will be going through a full security search when the TSA dummy calls you Mr. Rebane, instead of "next".

Russ Steele

UPDATE: I am posting George's TEA PARTY pictures on NC Media Watch

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