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30 April 2009


Duckie Narveson

Forwarded to my favorite American... Thanks!

Question: What do we think of our new socialistic MAY DAY news regarding Gittlefinger Motors... The true beginning of the end for free enterprise? 50% government, 40% workers, 10% bondholders. AMERICA WAKE UP!

seth cable

FACT: Tea Party "Patriots" waited until Febuary 27th 2009 to protest the TARP (bailouts), even though BUSH was the one who signed it into law months earlier.
FACT: "Patriots" waited until after Bush had left us $10 trillion in debt before they all of the sudden cared about the deficit, which was after Obama was sworn in.
You know,I'd love to have a public debate with you or any other "Patriot" in Nevada County. I know my facts and they will prove your talking points to be weak propaganda. My name is Seth and you can email me at [email protected]

George Rebane

Mr Cable - I believe that the TPP did not exist before 27 February 2009. The movement came into being then to protest both TARP and the $787B ARRA which President Obama had rushed into law ten days before. At that time it seemed that the mistake that Bush and the Democratic Congress made the previous year was now compounded, and that an undending series of recovery-slowing, debt-increasing, government-growing, liberty-decreasing interventions would be coming down the pike. That perception has turned out to be true.

Steve Enos

Tea Party "Patriots" scream and rant about TARP and ARRA and the TP claims it is they are the Obama bail outs... but the fact is they were put together and undertake by... BUSH!

Steven Frisch

I find it absolutely impossible to believe that with the overwhelming size of George's brain--some say it is at least twice the size of a mortal man--that he does not know that TARP was created by the United States House of Representatives, at the request of Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson, and signed in to law, on October 3, 2008 by President George W. Bush.

I also find it impossible to believe that George does not know that the total investment in TARP will be less than 1% of GDP, one third the size of the 3.2% GDP that the sainted Ronald Reagan administration invested in the Savings and Loan bailout.

Mikey McD

To call the TARP an "investment" is to call hell cool.

I attended the April 2009 Sacramento Tea Party to protest the actions of the Bush Administration (which were continued on steroids by the Obama admin). Bush acted like a liberal democrat with my checkbook. We expect Obama to have complete disregard to fiscal responsibility- we expected more from Bush... thus the frustration.

Steve Enos

As Steve F. provided...

"TARP was created by the United States House of Representatives, at the request of Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson, and signed in to law, on October 3, 2008 by President George W. Bush."

"total investment in TARP will be less than 1% of GDP, one third the size of the 3.2% GDP that the sainted Ronald Reagan administration invested in the Savings and Loan bailout."

Them pesky facts keep getting in the way... unless uyou do what the majority of the Tea Party clan does... toss the facts, try to re-write history and scream and yell.

George Rebane

SteveF and SteveE - I'm at a loss as to what misstatement of facts you are referring to, please explain. Is this another example of 'well, you didn't say it, but we know what your are thinking'?

SteveF - you seem have a persistent nasty streak with your ad hominem attacks. I know you can post a civil comment, they have even graced these pages. Is it not time you took seriously one of your many vows to never again frequent RR. If this urge is not controllable, I can help.

Russ Steele

OK, lets agree that the Bush Administration put together the TARP and ARRA packages, and left ARRA for Obama is sign if he decided it was necessary. Now, did Bush force Obama to sign ARRA? I do not think so.

My issue is not with TARP and ARRA but how the money is being used, or in some cases not used. I am most familiar with the Broadband ARRA, having worked with 19 Sierra WISPs to submit ARRA grants. Right off the bat, the Government failed to meet its own schedule to get the requests for proposals published, then they kept changing the rules, the created hoops impossible for small WISPs to meet, then failed to evaluate the proposals that were submitted in a timely manner, and awarded most of the first round contracts( 12 of 17) to blue districts and states, most on the east coast.

Now, which administration was handling the distribution and evaluation of the proposals? Who is currently reviewing Nevada County's proposals. The ARRA required the 1/2 the money be on contract in the first year, and the rest by the end of the 2nd year. It takes about six months for the County to send out RFPs, evaluate and then award a contract. As we approach August, there is very little optimism that Nevada County will get its ARRA funds in time to meet the ARRA time lines. According the ARRA, if governments do not meet time lines, no money!

I guess this is all Bush's fault! Right, the whole Obama administration is Bush's fault.

Mikey McD

Seth, when Obama promised change did he just mean a change of pace? Since you are content that he simply continued Bush's agenda (BO has not left the wars, BO has not trimmed spending, BO has added to the deficit)????

Mikey McD

Again, you would label my as a Tea Party Patriot ('cause I value the constitution, limited gov spending, and free markets) and MY FRUSTRATION STARTED WITH GEORGE W BUSH ACTING LIKE A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT (patriot act, Iraq, Spring 2008 housing act, deficit, TARP, financial company bailouts, etc). What sense would it make to bitch about Bush NOW when we have a "Bush on steroids" in office?

HYPOCRITES- y'all would have impeached Bush if he were president during an oil spill in the Gulf of this size AND YOU KNOW IT!

Michael Anderson

Mikey, don't blow a gasket just yet.

I don't know anyone who would have wanted to impeach Bush for an oil rig blowout, or his botched Katrina response. I do know, however, many people who would have considered his impeachment for implementing the USA Patriot Act (forcing AT&T to do what it did), starting a "Preemptive" war in Iraq, and trashing the Geneva Convention.

But we've had a long line of presidents deserving impeachment. In fact, Bill Clinton was actually impeached! What a stupid idea that was, though he totally deserved it. He should have done "The Nixon," and our whole world would be a lot better off right now, meaning we would have gotten to see how Al Gore interpreted the presidency (couldn't have been much worse than Bush).

Anna Haynes

Could someone please tell me if the splendiferous recreational vehicle that was parked at the Gateway Park event - photo here -
- is used for conveying Tea Party Patriot leaders or staff?

And if so, whose funds were used to obtain it?

Anna Haynes

...and a question for Mikey McD - did you comment as "john" on the "why I started blogging" post at Barry Pruett's blog?

Anna Haynes

also, I don't think that's the latest flyer - it announces a June 2009 event as "upcoming".

Anna Haynes

p.s. to Mikey - never mind, ignore my q please.

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