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29 April 2009


Duckie Narveson

Just as we had kings and popes to shepherd the flocks in days gone by we have now found new paths to follow in today's political leaders. It is discouraging to realize that education for the masses stops at the lower levels of human thought processes leaving very few to find their way to develop intelligent leadership and the real American dream of our forefathers. Who are we to think we are in control of the cycles of Mother Nature anyway? It may be just another of the numerous fairy-tales in this vast world of wonders.

Russ Steele

Congressional Representative Rush Holt: Among the 535 members of Congress, there are three physicists, one chemist, six engineers, and one microbiologist. Most members of congress avoid science at all costs, and the handful of trained scientists cannot and do not try to inject the scientific thinking on the particulars of every issue. More details at NC Media Watch.

Mikey McD

'It doesn't matter if the planet is cooling and plants need it to live. We still have to ban carbon dioxide.'- Henry Waxman


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yeah I agree plants need to live, but we need to, and if the pollution, and global warming continues until now, plant humans, and animal are gonna be affected by too many ways.

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