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17 April 2009



yi shi er niao. Literally translated as 'one stone, two birds".

I just happen to be going to Guangzhou, China this Sunday on business and this is what my handy dandy Eng-Chi dictionary, with a little help from Rosetta Stone tells me.

George Rebane

You're fantastic Dave. Would love to hear what you saw and heard when you return.

Russ Steele


Yes, lets have coffee when you return. Personal insight is much more valuable than what we read in the MSM.

Diane Child

I enjoyed reading your blog and added it to my blog list. I just added an article about the Tea Party held in Portland. I was talking with an organizer today and she said they are starting to plan for July 4th demonstrations. I'm all for it! My only hope is that the conservatives can take back Congress in 2010.

George Rebane

Thank you Diane and welcome to RR, and likewise about your fine blog. (Diane lives in the Northwest and writes Diane's Discussions at Jo Ann and I just got back from a local function where most of the attendees were at the Sacramento Tea Party. The word is out that we will have another major Tea Party on July 4th and a local one in the interval here in Nevada County.

Russ Steele


You were most insightful! Sure enough some of the middle of the roaders have their undies twisted up over your comment: "Some of our self-declared ‘middle of the road, balanced view’ stripe locals already have their undies in a large and prickly bundle." Details at Jeff Pelline's Blog 

George Rebane

Upon reflection, one often wonders to where does the road lead on which we find them balanced in the middle.

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